Lu Zijia’s eyes turned cold.
The other party made a deadly attack on her immediately.
Apparently, the person didn’t care about her life at all.
How despicable!

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This feeling was truly displeasing!

Lu Zijia concentrated her spiritual power in her palm and easily caught the dagger that was shooting at her face.
She immediately waved her hand and threw the dagger that was glittering with cold light back the way it came.


A scream was heard along with the return of the dagger.
It sounded like a woman.

“Ah Ying, don’t worry about me.
Catch her first.
I’ll take revenge for myself later!” The girl who screamed said furiously.

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Another male voice immediately sounded with a frivolous tone, “Alright, baby, wait for me.
I’ll go catch her for you to vent your anger right now.”

As soon as the man finished talking, a slender figure instantly appeared under the peach blossom tree where Lu Zijia was.

The man looked like he was in his early thirties.
He was wearing a black leather jacket and looked very handsome.
But soon, his handsomeness was completely ruined by the obscenity in his eyes.

“Oh, it’s pure little beauty.
Not bad, not bad.
I haven’t had a taste of such a girl for a long time.
I can try it now.”

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The man’s words were very explicit.
He even stuck out his tongue and licked his lips as he spoke, looking very much like a gangster.

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Lu Zijia smiled gently, looking very stunning.
Together with her pure and gorgeous face, she looked like a seductive, undeniable vixen in the man’s eyes, the kind that made people want to bully her fiercely until she cried.

As the man looked at her, he couldn’t help but panic for a second.
And the moment he panicked, Lu Zijia moved and instantly appeared in front of the man.
Before the man could react, she raised her foot and kicked him fiercely without showing mercy.


The vulnerable area under the abdomen of the defenseless man was kicked directly and his face twisted in pain.
Cold sweat kept appearing on his forehead.

“You… You…!”

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The man was shocked and furious.
He had never thought that Lu Zijia, who looked weak on the outside, would kick his fragile spot right away.
She was totally… hot enough!

Luckily, Lu Zijia didn’t know what he was thinking in his mind, or she would have thought that this man in front of her was a perverted masochist.

“Ah Ying, Ah Ying, are you alright?”

The woman, who was originally walking slowly behind, immediately rushed up after hearing the man’s painful scream.

The woman was wearing smokey eye makeup, so her real face couldn’t really be seen clearly.

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“Ah Ying, say something.
Are you hurt?”

The woman, who ran to the man in a hurry, couldn’t help asking anxiously when she saw that the man didn’t speak.

Gu Ying slowly let go of the hands on his abdomen and flung away the slender hand that the woman reached out to check his injuries.
“I’m fine.”

Seeing that Gu Ying had been staring at Lu Zijia from the beginning to the end, a trace of viciousness flashed through Xi Rou’s eyes and she looked at Lu Zijia with an unfriendly gaze.

“Who are you? Why are you here so late at night? Did you do something that people can’t know about?” Xi Rou questioned Lu Zijia as soon as she spoke, treating Lu Zijia like a criminal.

“Something that people can’t know about?”

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Lu Zijia curled up the corners of her mouth with a touch of ridicule.
“Are you talking about yourself?”

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