Looking at Li Tongtong, who had a twisted and ferocious look on her face, as if she had turned into a demon, Lu Zijia still looked cold and indifferent, showing no sympathy for her experience at all.

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Even if she was truly unfortunate, it was her own matter.
She could just work hard to change it.
Why did she have to find a scapegoat for her misfortune and put the blame on someone else?

She even did everything to destroy the life of a child.
She was truly insane!

She was such a selfish person, who had only herself in her world.
Why should she pity her?

In the end, the Han family didn’t call the cops, because they knew very well that they wouldn’t be able to sue Li Tongtong at all.

However, they directly called Li Tongtong’s parents that night.

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Afraid that Li Tongtong’s parents wouldn’t believe them, the three members of the Han family even asked the old Taoist Priest to tell them the whole story and took out the check of two million yuan that Li Tongtong gave him as evidence.

After knowing the truth, Li Tongtong’s parents were extremely furious.
They said they would definitely teach their daughter a lesson and give the Han family an explanation.

Two days later, the Han family found out that Li Tongtong was sent out of the country by her parents and they only gave her a month of allowance before they stopped caring about her.

Of course, this was another story.

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After eating at the ancestral home of the Han family, Lu Zijia stayed in a guest room under Han Jianmin’s arrangement.

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Lu Zijia usually went into the space to cultivate at night, but it was a bit inconvenient for her, as she was outside right now, so she could only meditate and cultivate directly in the room.

However, at midnight, Lu Zijia, who was originally meditating, suddenly opened her eyes.

Spiritual energy.
Why would there be such strong spiritual energy?

Lu Zijia looked in the direction of the peach blossom forest in Han Village and couldn’t help frowning as she pondered.
After a while, she quietly left the ancestral home of the Han family and went towards the peach blossom forest.

There was no one in the peach blossom forest at night.
It was completely dark and she couldn’t even see her own fingers.
However, this didn’t affect Lu Zijia at all.

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Lu Zijia released her deity-sense and accurately found the location of the thing that was emitting strong spiritual energy after a while.

After a few breaths, Lu Zijia appeared in the middle of the peach blossom forest.

On the biggest peach blossom tree in the center, there was a crystal clear pink seed in the topmost flower.
It looked really pretty.

Looking at that seed, Lu Zijia’s eyes couldn’t help lighting up.

The seed of Everlasting Peach Blossom, it was actually the seed of Everlasting Peach Blossom.
It looked like her business this time would really be profitable!

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The seed of Everlasting Peach Blossom could only be produced by the King of Peach Blossoms and it would only appear in a specific location under the nourishment of the moonlight for a long time.

Oh right, there was a very important point.
Once the seed of Everlasting Peach Blossom was produced by the King of Peach Blossom, it must be picked within five minutes, or the seed would wither.

Everlasting Peach Blossom was considered a Half Spirit Plant.
After consuming it, people’s faces would look like peach blossoms.
Simply put, it could change the complexion of people’s faces.

She had been thinking about new skincare products lately.
Indeed, someone would send her a pillow when she was sleepy.

Lu Zijia flew on the tree and plucked the crystal clear Everlasting Peach Blossom’s seed carefully, then put it into the Ancient Space and asked the pagoda to plant it.

Before the pagoda in the space made its speech happily, Lu Zijia sensed that two people were approaching her quickly.

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To avoid unnecessary trouble, Lu Zijia intended to retreat quickly.
However, before she made a move, a sharp dagger was shot at her face.

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