As Li Tongtong ridiculed him, Han Jianmin’s face couldn’t get any more sullen.
Apparently, he also understood that the superstitious proof couldn’t be presented in court as evidence.

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Seeing Han Jianmin’s sullen face, Li Tongtong laughed even harder.
“Hahaha, Han Jianmin, oh Han Jianmin, what do you think? How are you still not letting me go?

“Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter if you discover it this time.
I don’t believe that you’ll be so lucky next time.

“Just you wait.
If you won’t let me live a good life, I’ll definitely not let you live a good life either.
I want all of you to suffer with me and suffer a fate worse than death together!”

Li Tongtong’s ferocious look at this moment made her look like she was crazy, and what she said didn’t seem like something from a normal person either.

“Li Tongtong, you’re too evil!”

Han Jianmin was so enraged that his face flushed.
He even clenched his left hand tightly into a fist, apparently trying his best to control himself.

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“Aren’t you thinking about your family? You have a husband and two sons.
Aren’t you afraid that retribution will come to them after you do such a despicable thing?”

“Of course she’s not afraid.”

Before Li Tongtong spoke, Lu Zijia spoke first, “Her marriage isn’t happy at all and she’s already divorced right now.
Why would she be afraid that retribution will befall her ex-husband?”

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Judging from Li Tongtong’s face, Li Tongtong was a prideful and selfish person.
She would never compromise with anyone on anything, so she often had conflicts with people.

In her world, she was the only one who was right and everyone else was wrong.

So, even if her marriage was a happy one at the beginning, it would gradually become worse after some time.
Let alone her husband, even her own children would leave her.

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And she put the blame for all these misfortunes on other people, like the Han family.

In fact, if she hadn’t taken the initiative to contact Old Lady Han with an intention a few years ago, the Han family wouldn’t have had so much interaction with her at all.

Simply put, she was just finding a scapegoat for all her unfortunate encounters.

“W-What? Unhappy marriage? Divorced?”

Old Lady Han looked shocked.
She immediately thought of something and showed a look of realization.

No wonder, no wonder Li Tongtong suddenly took the initiative to contact her after so many years and even secretly said that she couldn’t forget her son.

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At that time, she had thought that there must be something wrong with Li Tongtong’s marriage.
Otherwise, why would she say such things?

However, as Li Tongtong denied it many times, she also believed that Li Tongtong wasn’t unlucky in her marriage, but loved her son too deeply, so she still couldn’t forget her son after so many years.

Even Li Tongtong’s husband knew that she had someone else in her heart.
Li Tongtong promised that her husband would respect her choice, as long as she was happy.

But now, it seemed like that wasn’t the case at all.

Old Lady Han suddenly realized that she had truly been deceived, but that was also her fault.
If she didn’t want Li Tongtong to be her daughter-in-law so desperately, how would she be deceived?

Thinking of this, Old Lady Han suddenly seemed to have aged a lot.

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“You’re talking nonsense.
You’re talking nonsense.
I’m very happy.
I’m very happy.
I’m very happy.
You’re talking nonsense.
You’re talking nonsense!”

Being exposed directly by Lu Zijia, Li Tongtong couldn’t continue deceiving herself and others even if she wanted to.

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However, she was truly unwilling to accept it, truly unwilling.
Why could other people be happy, but she couldn’t?

She was such a good woman.
Why couldn’t she be happy? Why?

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