Old Madam Han’s slightly bent body couldn’t help but tremble.
Tears soon welled up in her turbid eyes, and the coldness and resentment in her old voice couldn’t be concealed.

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Yao Shuyi, who had been silent on the side and tolerated for more than a decade, suddenly rushed in front of Li Tongtong like she had gone mad.
She raised her hand and slapped her fiercely.

“Slap! You ungrateful bastard! I’ll beat you to death.
I’ll beat you to death, you bastard!”

Thinking that her son had been carrying the name of a bane for the past few months, the anger in Yao Shuyi’s heart became more and more vigorous, as if oil was poured on it.

“My child has just been born and he hasn’t even been four months old.
How could you do this? How could you treat a newborn baby like this?

“Didn’t you dislike me and want me to die so you can take my position as Mrs.
Han? Come, come kill me.
I’m standing right in front of you right now.
Kill me!”

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Yao Shuyi seemed to have gone crazy.
She held the baby in her arms with one hand and grabbed Li Tongtong’s collar with the other, shaking her crazily.
Her voice was full of resentment that had been suppressed for so many years.

The moment Lu Zijia exposed the truth, Li Tongtong immediately panicked in her mind.

However, she immediately felt that she didn’t do anything wrong.
If the Han family didn’t hold onto her, how would she become like this right now? Right, everything was the Han family’s fault, the Han family’s fault!

Thinking of this, Li Tongtong struggled to break free from Yao Shuyi’s hand and pushed her away abruptly.

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Looking at his wife, who fell backwards, Han Jianmin’s expression changed drastically.
He subconsciously rushed forward and caught Yao Shuyi, who was falling down.

“Shuyi, Shuyi, are you alright?”

Seeing his wife’s pale face, Han Jianmin was extremely nervous and there was even a tremor in his voice.

Yao Shuyi didn’t answer immediately, but looked at the child in her arms reflexively.
Seeing that the child in her arms was fine, she replied with red eyes, “I’m fine, but I must do my son justice this time no matter what.

“If it’s difficult for you, we can get a divorce.
As long as we’re divorced, you won’t have to be troubled.”

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Yao Shuyi suddenly calmed down at this moment, so calm that Han Jianmin found it unfamiliar.

“Shuyi, don’t be like this.
This is my child too.
I’ll definitely seek justice for him.” Han Jianmin held his wife’s hand and declared his stance nervously.

However, Yao Shuyi pulled her hand out firmly and looked up at her husband indifferently.
“I’ll watch you.
If you can’t do it, divorce me.”

Having lived for decades, Han Jianmin had never known the feeling of panic.
But at this moment, he finally experienced it.

“I’m sinned.
I’m really sinned! Why am I, this damned old woman, so stupid? Why am I so stupid? I deserve to die.
I deserve to die!”

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Knowing that she made a huge mistake, Old Lady Han couldn’t help but burst into tears and she raised her hand to give herself a few loud slaps.

Han Jianmin couldn’t bear it, but he still didn’t go forward to persuade her in the end.
He looked at Li Tongtong with a furious gaze.
“Li Tongtong, the Han family will definitely not let this go so easily!”

Since they had already fallen out, Li Tongtong stopped pretending.
Hearing that, she laughed mockingly a few times.
“You won’t let it go so easily? Then, what are you going to do? Sue me for murder?

“But do you have proof? Even if you do, will the judge believe you in court?”

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