“There’s no point in apologizing.
I don’t want an apology.
I don’t want an apology!”

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Li Tongtong seemed to have suffered a huge blow.
Her body trembled uncontrollably and her face was even distorted severely, as if she was turning into a devil.

“Miss Li, I admit that this is the Han family’s fault, but we all have our own families.
You also know that it’s absolutely impossible between you and me.

“I remember telling Miss Li these words clearly more than a decade ago.”

Han Jianmin took two steps forward and helped his mother walk behind him as he said to Li Tongtong with a serious look.

In fact, Li Tongtong was also wrong.
If she didn’t give Old Lady Han false hope, how would Old Lady Han bring up the past again?

Of course, he didn’t think that his mother wasn’t wrong either.

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“Han Jianmin, you’re too heartless!”

Li Tongtong’s eyes turned red and she pointed at the silent Yao Shuyi with one finger.
“I met you first.
Why did you abandon me for such a woman? My family background is better than hers and I have a higher education level than she does.
Why exactly am I inferior to her?

“She didn’t even give you a child after more than a decade.
Why are you still treating her so well? It’s not fair, not fair at all!”

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Li Tongtong screamed crazily and even lost her composure.
She wanted to go forward to tear Yao Shuyi apart, but Han Jianmin quickly stopped her.

“Miss Li, I don’t quite understand what you’re talking about.
You and I have never started dating, so how could you say that I abandoned you?”

Han Jianmin frowned and glanced at his wife next to him, then said, “As for why I’m good to my wife, it’s obviously because I love her.
This is something that will never change, whether we have a child or not.

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“So, Miss Li, please don’t say such misleading things again in the future.”

Yao Shuyi, who was originally a bit nervous, unconsciously relaxed after hearing what her husband said.

If her husband had a relationship with Li Tongtong before they got together, she wouldn’t hold on to it.
After all, everyone had a past, right?

However, with Li Tongtong’s intervention these few years, Yao Shuyi had been feeling a bit upset in her mind.

Even though she knew that her husband had nothing to do with Li Tongtong from the beginning to the end, it wasn’t a pleasant thing for another woman to covet her husband.

Besides, with Old Lady Han’s help, Yao Shuyi felt even worse in her mind.

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Luckily, they could finally put an end to this today.

“No, it’s not like that.
It’s not like that!”

Li Tongtong didn’t accept what Han Jianmin said.
“Without this woman, we’d be together.
I’d become Mrs.
I’d get happiness!

“It’s this woman.
This woman took away my happiness.
It’s her.
It’s all her!”

When Li Tongtong got emotional, she immediately wanted to pounce on Yao Shuyi again, but Han Jianmin, who was already prepared, stopped her and pushed her away.


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Han Jianmin was extremely annoyed by Li Tongtong’s stubbornness.
“I’ve already told you countless times that it’s impossible for us to be together all these years.

“I also asked you not to disturb my family.
Why must you make our families fall out?

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“I’ll make it clear today.
Even without Shuyi, you and I would never be together.
Just give up!

“Otherwise, you’ll only be the one who’s embarrassed in the end.”

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