Chapter 63: Fortune-Telling Battle?

Master Dedao was quite famous in the capital, or the Lu family wouldn’t look for him.

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As Master Dedao’s apprentice, the young Taoist priest was quite respected as well.
And now, the driver criticized him in front of the others without holding back.
Everyone could imagine how bad he must be looking.

“You ignorant…”

The young Taoist priest wanted to say something even more unpleasant, but when he saw the driver clench his fists with a vicious look on his face, he dared not to continue.

However, he couldn’t swallow his anger, which made his face flush.

On the side, Lu Wanyuan’s eyes glittered slightly and she suddenly made a suggestion, “Since both parties have a different opinion, why don’t we have a battle?”

“Whoever wins the battle in the end will be considered the real master.
Master Dedao, what do you think?”

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Lu Wanyuan smiled and looked at Master Dedao to ask for his opinion, ignoring the other party, Lu Zijia.

Lingde Street was quite famous in the capital.
If Master Dedao won, he could also increase his fame.

That was why Lu Wanyuan made a suggestion that would lead to a win-win situation.

The so-called win-win situation was that she could embarrass Lu Zijia and help Master Dedao rise to fame at the same time.

As expected, Master Dedao was very content with Lu Wanyuan’s suggestion.

He seemed to think for a while at first before he touched the white beard on his chin and nodded, “Sure! For the sake of your sister and the Lu family, I’ll make an exception to teach your sister.”

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“As for how much your sister can learn, it’ll depend on your sister’s potential,” Master Dedao said with a sense of righteousness, as if he only agreed to battle in order to teach Lu Zijia.

“You’re so kind, Master Dedao.
I thank you for your enlightenment on behalf of the Lu family.”

Lu Wanyuan bowed to Master Dedao with gratitude, which satisfied Master Dedao’s vanity.

Even the young Taoist priest, who was extremely furious just then, felt much better right now.

Lu Wanyuan continued right after that, “I heard that there are different kinds of battles in the world of magic.
Master, in order to not waste too much of your time, why don’t we have a fortune-telling battle?”

“Best out of three.
We’ll decide who wins depending on who’s more accurate.
What do you think, master?”

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As far as she knew, Master Dedao was best at fortune-telling, followed by Feng Shui.

Master Dedao would definitely be satisfied with her idea.

As expected, a hint of satisfaction flashed through Master Dedao’s eyes as he nodded and agreed.

Seeing that Master had agreed, Lu Wanyuan immediately asked someone to get two desks and chairs, placing them outside of the store “Effective with Faith.”

Lu Wanyuan had been deciding everything herself since the beginning and she didn’t ask for Lu Zijia’s opinion at all.
She was apparently forcing a monkey to dance, trying to embarrass Lu Zijia in front of everyone.

“What’s wrong with you? Have you asked Master before deciding everything yourself? Do you know how to respect people?”

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The driver was also dumbfounded because of Lu Wanyuan’s series of quick actions.
When he collected himself, he stared at Lu Wanyuan furiously and scolded her.

Even though the driver was an honest, dutiful person, she could see that Lu Wanyuan was deliberately going against Lu Zijia.

“Master, no matter what other people say, I have faith in you.
You’re a living immortal.

“If the others don’t believe it, it’s their loss.
Don’t be angry because of these people who have no appreciation for you and can’t see what you’re capable of.
It’s not good to be angry.”

While protecting his savior, the driver didn’t forget to think about how his savior felt and comforted her a bit clumsily.

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