“God damn it! What a sin! They even dare to touch someone else’s ancestral tomb.
They must be struck by lightning and die a horrible death!”

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Old Lady Han couldn’t help but scream again.
Her old eyes were red.
Apparently, she was truly enraged to the extreme.

“Mom.” Yao Shuyi held the baby as she tried to comfort her mother-in-law.

However, Old Lady Han ignored her completely and directly begged Lu Zijia, “Master, Master, you must help our family.
Master, please, please, please save our family!

“Our family has always been well-behaved and we’ve never done anything immoral or wrong to anyone.
How did this happen? Master, please, I beg you.
You must help us!”

Old Lady Han said in tears and wanted to kneel down, but Lu Zijia waved her hand and stopped her.

Feeling that her knees were being pushed up by a force, Old Lady Han widened her old eyes and the sorrow on her face gradually turned into shock and excitement.

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“M-Master, you’re a living immortal, a living immortal!” Old Lady Han didn’t kneel down again, but put her hands together and kept worshiping Lu Zijia.

As if Lu Zijia was truly a living immortal.

Lu Zijia: “…” The phrase “living immortal” really sounded very familiar!

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“If you want to live, do as I say.” Lu Zijia waved her hand and said.

After knowing the serious consequences, Han Jianmin didn’t dare to talk about not opening the coffin anymore.
He immediately ran down the mountain and asked a few villagers to come up and help him.

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Although Old Lady Han was still a bit uneasy in her mind, she didn’t stop Lu Zijia after thinking that she was a living immortal.

Perhaps because it concerned the life and death of their family, Han Jianmin came back after half an hour with a few middle-aged men with hoes behind him.

“Jianmin, are you really going to open the casket?”

A relatively muscular middle-aged man among the others asked with uncertainty.

Han Jianmin knew that they found it unbelievable, but there was nothing their family could do.

He had a wife, a son, and an old mother.
How could he watch something happen to them?

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Even if their ancestors knew about this, they wouldn’t blame him for disturbing them.

“Hm, I know it’s inauspicious, but I have no choice but to ask you for help.

“But don’t worry.
I’ll definitely buy a few Blessing Talismans from the master I hired later.
You can put it on you by then.
You’ll definitely be fine.”

Han Jianmin said with a helpless and apologetic look.

Seeing that Han Jianmin had made up his mind, the few middle-aged men didn’t say anything else.
They bowed to the tomb and started digging with hoes one after another.

While the middle-aged men were digging the tomb, Han Jianmin didn’t stay idle either.
He really bought a few Blessing Talismans from Lu Zijia and gave them to the middle-aged men.

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A talisman cost 200,000 yuan each, but Han Jianmin bought them without hesitation.
This showed that he was really worried about those middle-aged men.

The few middle-aged men didn’t know that a talisman was worth 200,000 yuan, but they all took it and put it on themselves one after another.
After all, this was also for the sake of safety.

A few minutes later, the tomb was soon dug open, revealing the mahogany casket inside.


When those middle-aged men were about to open the casket, Lu Zijia suddenly stopped them.

Before the few middle-aged men spoke, Lu Zijia lowered her voice and said to Han Jianmin, “There’s something inside.
I’ll open the casket.
They can leave first.”

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