Chapter 62: Becoming a Living Immortal

“Master, I didn’t expect to see you here.
How wonderful!”

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“I really have to thank you for last time.
If it weren’t for you, I… I probably wouldn’t be alive anymore, and my family would have shattered.
Master, you’re really a living immortal!” the middle-aged man said with tears in his eyes emotionally.
Not only that, he even put his palms together and bowed to Lu Zijia as if she was really a living immortal.

Lu Zijia who was bowed to, “…”

Although she really wanted to ascend and become an immortal as well, she was just a rookie who hadn’t even reached the first level of Qi Practicing.

So, she was still very far away from becoming an immortal!

Not getting a response from Lu Zijia, the middle-aged man suddenly realized that this master might not remember who he was.

After all, this master was so capable.
There must be countless people who had asked for her help.

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“Master, master, do you still remember me? I’m Uncle Driver.
That’s what you called me back then.

“You even gave me a talisman folded with money and asked me to take it apart when I got back.

“Luckily, I didn’t take that talisman apart at that time, or I probably wouldn’t be able to see you again right now.

“I’ll keep your great kindness in my mind forever, master.
If you want to take a taxi in the future, just give me a call.
I guarantee to get there whenever you call me and it’ll be free,” the driver said as he took out a card from his pocket, handing it to Lu Zijia solemnly after wiping it with care.

What the driver said and his passionate, respectful attitude were undoubtedly a huge humiliation to Master Dedao, his apprentice, and Lu Wanyuan, who thought that they were superior.

After all, Lu Wanyuan had said that Lu Zijia didn’t have any special abilities just then.

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However, Lu Zijia, who didn’t have special abilities, saved someone’s life and was called master respectfully.
If this wasn’t humiliating, then what was it?

Lu Zijia took the card the driver gave her as if she didn’t notice how pale the faces of Lu Wanyuan and the others were.

“I’m flattered.
After all, you only escaped the catastrophe of your life only because it was not time for your life to end yet.”

After all, she didn’t remind the driver many times back then.
It was the driver’s choice that he didn’t take that talisman apart, which proved that it wasn’t time for him to die yet.

“No, no, no, it’s because you’re impressive.
Master, you’re a living immortal,” he said as he bowed to Lu Zijia again.

Lu Zijia, “….”

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If he bowed to her again, she would charge him!

“Zijia, is what he said… true?” Uncle Xu, who witnessed everything behind the counter, looked at Lu Zijia in shock and asked with uncertainty.

He knew that Lu Zijia entered the Special Administration Office with her connections.

But wasn’t Lu Zijia just an ordinary person? Why was someone calling her master right now?

Besides, it didn’t seem fake at all.

“Hm! You’re trying to deceive us with such a small trick!” the young Taoist priest grunted and said in disdain before Lu Zijia answered him.

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“Everyone knows that talismans can only be drawn with talisman paper and you said you folded a talisman with money just then? That’s truly whimsical.

“You can still fool people outside of the industry with this little trick, but it’s totally ridiculous that you dare to play tricks in front of my master, this real Toaist master.”

Even though Master Dedao didn’t say anything, his old face that was pretending to be superior had already explained everything.

“Why are you talking like this? Even if you can’t do so, it doesn’t mean that this master can’t either.
Master is a living immortal.
Anything is possible.
If you don’t know anything, don’t pretend like you do.”

The driver immediately looked upset when his savior was being doubted, and his face became tense as if he would beat the young Taoist priest if he dared to say anything bad about Lu Zijia again.

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