“Sure, sure.
You really forget about your mother when you have a wife.

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“Since you like your wife so much, get out of the family with her and this debt collector.
I’ll pretend that I’ve never had a son like you!”

This was Old Lady Han’s ultimate move that had always worked.
But today, Han Jianmin didn’t lower his head and admit his mistake or say something nice to comfort her like he did in the past.

Instead, Yao Shuyi subconsciously wanted to apologize and ask Old Lady Han not to be angry, but Han Jianmin stopped her.

“Mom, even if we’re at home, we’ll only make you angry.
In that case, Shuyi and I will move out temporarily.
We’ll come back when you calm down.”

After saying that, Han Jianmin helped his wife up and walked out without even packing.

“You… You unfilial son, you…”

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Old Lady Han had never thought that her ultimate move, which had always been successful, would fail.
She couldn’t help feeling angry and anxious.

She was angry at her son for falling out with her, his mother, because of this woman that she didn’t like, and she was worried that her son would really leave home and not come back anymore.

However, before the two parties said anything, a servant came in in a hurry.

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“Master, someone who calls herself Master Lu came outside.
She said she made an appointment with you.
Do you want to invite her in?”

Hearing the words “Master Lu,” Han Jianmin immediately became energetic.
He didn’t care about leaving or not and quickly helped his wife sit back on the couch carefully, then quickly went to the door to welcome her personally.

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Even though Old Lady Han was still angry in her mind, she didn’t say anything else after seeing that her son wasn’t leaving.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Master Lu.
Something came up at home and I couldn’t greet you right away.
How rude of me.”

As soon as Han Jianmin saw Lu Zijia, he apologized profusely with a very humble attitude.
Apparently, Lu Zijia was very important to him.

“It’s alright.”

Lu Zijia waved her hand indifferently and immediately said directly, “I heard from Ye Nanxi that you’ll pay me 50 million as long as I help you solve the problem, right?”

Even though Ye Nanxi had already told her about it over the phone, she was just a middleman.
She still had to confirm with the person who really asked her for help about the remuneration.

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Otherwise, it would be bad for everyone if she found out that the amount of remuneration wasn’t right after the problem was solved.

Han Jianmin didn’t expect Lu Zijia to be so straightforward.
He couldn’t help but be startled, but he soon reacted.

“Yes, whether you can help me solve the problem or not, I’ll pay you 50 million.

“But if you can’t deal with it by then, I wonder if you can introduce other masters to me?”

Lu Zijia’s straightforwardness didn’t make Han Jianmin feel disgusted.
Instead, he was quite relieved.

Because he also understood that a “clear price” was good for both parties, and she was much better than those masters who claimed that they didn’t care about money, but also hinted at an increase in their remuneration in their words.

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Lu Zijia also nodded directly.
She liked doing business with straightforward people the most.

After inviting Lu Zijia into the villa, Han Jianmin introduced Old Lady Han and his wife to Lu Zijia first.

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Then, he introduced Lu Zijia to her mother and wife, “Mom, Shuyi, this is Master Lu I told you I saw on TV.
I asked the daughter of a friend to invite Master Lu here.”

Lu Zijia: “…” On TV? It wouldn’t be when Ye Nanxi was slandered and framed before, would it?

However, this also explained why Han Jianmin asked Ye Nanxi to be the middleman.

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