Soon, the nanny came back with a bottle of milk.
The temperature was just right.

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As expected, the child, who was originally crying hard, immediately quieted down after eating.

After the baby stopped crying, Yao Shuyi finally sat back on the couch while holding him carefully.

Looking at her slightly skinny son, Yao Shuyi’s eyes couldn’t help turning red.
It was all her fault.
If it weren’t that her health suddenly became bad, she wouldn’t have been unable to breastfeed him.

“It’s alright.
Our family will get better soon.”

Seeing that his wife’s eyes were red, Han Jianmin held her shoulder gently and comforted her with a soft voice.

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Yao Shuyi held back her tears and nodded hard, showing that she believed what he said.

However, Old Lady Han spoke again at this moment, “Getting better? As long as this debt collector is in our family, the entire Han family won;t be able to get better!”

Old Lady Han, who had been looking forward to having a grandchild for more than a decade, was very happy when she knew that Yao Shuyi was pregnant.

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However, after her grandson was born, all kinds of big and small incidents happened in the Han family one after another.
This made Old Lady Han think for a while that the Han family must have provoked something unclean.

Until there was a rumor outside that said her grandson was a bane and would give bad luck to his parents and even his family, Old Lady Han finally seemed to have found the reason.
She blamed all the bad things that happened to the Han family during this period of time on her grandson, who had just been born a few months ago.

Old Madam Han had always been a superstitious person, so she had been persuading her son to send the child to the orphanage these few months, or to divorce Yao Shuyi.

Before Han Jianmin and Yao Shuyi got together, Old Lady Han already had someone she wanted as her daughter-in-law.
Unfortunately, because of Yao Shuyi’s appearance, she lost the person she liked.

So, Old Lady Han had never liked Yao Shuyi from the beginning and had been picking on her for more than a decade.
In the past two months, she even urged her son to divorce Yao Shuyi in front of Yao Shuyi.

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However, Han Jianmin insisted not to get a divorce.
Besides, he didn’t think that the recent misfortune of the Han family was caused by his newborn son.

“Mom, can you stop talking? Shuyi is already sad enough.
Stop hurting her feelings.

“Besides, I told you that your grandson isn’t a debt collector.
He’s my precious son.
What happened recently is just a coincidence.
How can you blame it on a newborn child?”

For more than a decade, because of his wife’s persuasion and understanding, Han Jianmin didn’t dare to defend his wife much, because the more he defended her, the more fierce his mother would be.

But now, he couldn’t not defend her.
His wife had been tolerating and yielding to her for him for more than ten years.
If he still didn’t stand out and defend her firmly, he would really be making a failed husband.

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As soon as Han Jianmin finished talking, Yao Shuyi, who always did what her mother-in-law said, also spoke.

“Mom, I know you don’t like me.
I don’t mind how you treat me either.

“But the one in my arms is your grandson.
He’s not even four months old.
How can you be so cruel to him?

“If he’s already called a bane at such a young age, how is he going to live in the future? I beg you, don’t say something bad about my child, alright?”

After saying that, Yao Shuyi couldn’t help but burst into tears and her hands that were holding the baby tightened unconsciously.

Seeing that her son and daughter-in-law were ganging up against her, Old Lady Han immediately banged on the table and stood up.
She pointed her dry old finger at Han Jianmin’s nose and started scolding him.

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