Lu Zijia: “…” Why did she feel like this man only complimented her because he wanted to take advantage of her?

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In fact, she was right!

After the two of them showed their affection in the living room for a while, Lu Zijia went to the alchemy room to refine pills.

When Taoist Mu Qing gave her a bottle of Energy Gathering Pills just then, she suddenly remembered that Du Xiangjun didn’t seem to be in good health after being tortured by the Lu family for so many years.

Perhaps she could make some pills for Du Xiangjun and the other members of the Du family to strengthen their bodies.

Lu Zijia knew very well that she couldn’t stay with Du Xiangjun forever.

What she could do was to be filial to Du Xiangjun and let her live a long, healthy life while she was still here.

“I’ll go with you.” Unlike usual, Mu Tianyan took the initiative to go with Lu Zijia to refine pills.

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Lu Zijia was a bit surprised, but just for a second.
Then, she agreed without hesitation.

She wasn’t afraid of having people around her when she was refining pills, because she would devote herself completely to it once she started.

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Besides, Mu Tianyan was the man she had set her mind on, so she certainly wouldn’t mind.

And the reason why Mu Tianyan behaved abnormally was because he felt that they were spending too little time together and his plan to kidnap her to his room before had yet to be realized.

Besides, he was about to break through to the next level and he wanted to rest his mind for a bit, so he wasn’t in a hurry to cultivate.

Cultivation was indeed important, but so was kidnapping his wife.

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However, Mu Tianyan’s plan of kidnapping was destined to fail for now, because Lu Zijia received a call from Du Xiangjun right after she made a furnace of pills.

“Xiao Yuan is missing?”

“Alright, I’ll go over now.”

After hanging up, Lu Zijia looked at the man next to her and said, “My uncle’s son is missing.
I’m going to the Du family.”

“Let’s go together.”

Mu Tianyan got up, took the coat next to her and put it on for her carefully.

Even though Lu Zijia had spiritual power to protect her body and she wasn’t afraid of the cold, she still felt very warm towards his actions.

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In her previous life, she had never known that a small action of another person could make her heart so warm.

Perhaps, this was love?

The Du family.

“Mom, don’t worry.
Xiao Yuan will be fine.
Eat something first!” Seeing Old Lady Du’s pale face, Du Jinli sat next to her and persuaded her.

“Yeah, Mom, you didn’t eat much for breakfast and it’s been long past lunchtime.
You must be hungry.” Du Xiangjun also persuaded her mother.

However, Old Lady Du still shook her head.
“I don’t even know how my grandson is right now.
How would I have the appetite?

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“Seriously, why don’t the teachers at school take good care of the students? How did a living person suddenly just disappear?”

“You can’t blame the teachers at school.
Look at the surveillance video.
Xiao Yuan ran out of the school secretly by himself.” Although Old Master Du was anxious, he was still reasonable.

Even though Old Lady Du also understood that she couldn’t blame the school for everything, she still couldn’t help venting her anger on them, as she still wasn’t certain if her grandson was alive.

“Mom, don’t worry.
We’ll definitely find Xiao Yuan.
Eat something first, okay?”

After making a call, Du Jinqian also came to persuade his mother.

Old Lady Du still shook her head and refused to eat.

The other members of the Du family were worried and helpless about this.


Du Xiangjun, who was looking at the door, happened to see her daughter.
She immediately shouted in surprise.

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