Lu Zijia said as she grabbed her man and ran back to the mansion.

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Taoist Mu Qing, who was left alone: “???” What was wrong with this little girl?

Even though Taoist Mu Qing sensed something strange, he didn’t see what was strange exactly.

Seeing Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan run swiftly and disappear, Taoist Mu Qing couldn’t help but laugh and scold them.

He immediately shook his head with a frustrated and emotional sigh.
The young couple was only thinking that he, this old man, was getting in their way to be affectionate.
Really, these two bastards…

After complaining in his mind, Taoist Mu Qing got up, patted his butt and was about to go catch up with his old friends.

However, he had just taken a step when he seemed to kick something, which almost made him fall forward.

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Taoist Mu Qing was first startled, then his old eyes immediately widened, as if his eyeballs were going to pop out.

“Array! It’s actually an array!”

Taoist Mu Qing mumbled to himself and the shock on his old face couldn’t be concealed no matter what.

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After a while, Taoist Mu Qing burst into laughter with admiration in his eyes.

Not only did she know how to refine pills, but she also knew array formation.
Great, his disciple really found a super huge treasure!

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Taoist Mu Qing was originally a bit skeptical about Lu Zijia curing his disciple completely.
But now, it seemed that the younger generation was indeed going to surpass the older generation.
Old guys like them had no choice but to accept it!

Luckily, such a huge treasure was taken by his disciple.
Otherwise, once that little girl grew up, she would definitely be the most knotty problem in history.


Lu Zijia, who dragged her man away, finally couldn’t help laughing out loud when she returned to the living room.

Her man’s master was truly too easy to deceive.
He didn’t even notice it after the array was completed.
She really didn’t know if she should say that he trusted her or if he was just too careless.

Seeing that his wife was laughing so happily, the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth also curled up and his gaze remained gentle and indulgent.
“You’re getting bolder.”

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Lu Zijia shrugged innocently.
“Your master is a nice person.
He shouldn’t be angry.”

She was truly frightened by Taoist Mu Qing’s exploding furnaces these few days.
Feeling frustrated, she could only think of the game, “I’ll set up the array and you’ll break it.”

With Taoist Mu Qing’s attitude towards alchemy, he should be interested in array formation as well, right?

Alright, Lu Zijia would never admit that she was a bit guilty.

Mu Tianyan chuckled and raised his hand to squeeze her fair and tender little face.
“You’re the smartest.”

In fact, what Mu Tianyan didn’t say was that his master wasn’t really interested in making pills, but his wife.

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Of course, apart from being curious and interested in his wife, there was another important reason.
His master was too bored, so he wanted to look for something interesting for himself to do.

However, he couldn’t let his wife know about this, or she would definitely be enraged.

Lu Zijia pretentiously sighed and shook her head.
“I had no choice.
Your master is really good at squandering resources.”

In just a few days, he had wasted millions of herbs and nearly ten million alchemy furnaces.
He was even more prodigal than she was!

Of course, the most important thing was that she was blasted into an African woman every day.

Compared to learning how to refine pills, she would rather teach him array formation.
At least arrays wouldn’t explode, right?

Looking at the girl who pretended to be serious, the smile in Mu Tianyan’s eyes became even deeper.
He quickly leaned over and kissed her red lips as he complimented her, “My wife is so virtuous.
She knows how to be thrifty.”

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