Chapter 60: Cunning Lu Zijia

Lu Zijia wasn’t fooled by his eloquence.
She put down the jade pendant in her hands with a regretful and reluctant look.

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“10,000 yuan is still a bit expensive for me.
I don’t have so much cash with me.

“Looks like this jade pendant isn’t meant for me.”

Before Uncle Xu spoke, Lu Zijia continued, “Right, I came to buy talisman paper again this time.
I would like twenty pieces.”

One talisman paper cost 50 yuan, so twenty would cost 1,000 yuan.
The cost of the cinnabar hasn’t even been included yet!

Lu Zijia couldn’t help but exclaim.
Money could really be gone very quickly!

Seeing that Lu Zijia really wasn’t planning to buy the jade pendant, Uncle Xu couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious.

“Zijia, look how crystal clear this jade pendant is.
If you miss it this time, it’ll be difficult for you to find another one again in the future.

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“What about giving you more of a discount?”

The reason why Uncle Xu tried so hard to sell this jade pendant wasn’t because there was something wrong with the jade stone itself but because of the engraving.

The pattern engraved on this jade pendant was too nondescript, so nobody would lay eyes on it at all.

He went for this jade pendant back then because he thought there was something special about the nondescript pattern.

He had never thought he would come to a conclusion that this was just a normal jade pendant after studying it for more than two days.

So, even if he wanted to get rid of it, nobody was willing to buy it.

Now that he noticed that Lu Zijia was interested in this jade pendant, he certainly had to sell it to her at all costs.

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Lu Zijia pondered for a while and finally said, “How much discount can you offer me? I only have 5,000 yuan with me right now.”

Uncle Xu’s eyes immediately brightened after hearing that.
However, before he could speak, he heard Lu Zijia say again, “Oh, no, I still have to buy talisman paper and cinnabar.
Uncle Xu, look…”

In the end, Lu Zijia flipped her hands up helplessly as if she was saying, “I want to buy it, but I really have no money.”

Uncle Xu’s beaming smile froze.
In the end, he still gritted his teeth and decided to sell it!

“Alright, 5,000 yuan for the jade pendant, the talisman paper, and the cinnabar.”

Uncle Xu looked like his body and his teeth were in pain, as he really suffered huge losses this time.

He spent 5,000 yuan on this jade pendant, and in the end, he sold it at a price of 5,000 yuan and even had to pay for the talisman paper and cinnabar himself.
There were truly no greater losses than his.

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“I really suffered great losses this time.
You must come to my shop more often in the future!”

“I guarantee that we’re equally honest with all of our customers when we sell the products in the shop.
You should know that our talisman paper is of the best quality after buying here so many times.
There’s absolutely no defective product.”

Uncle Xu didn’t forget to get a regular customer for his own shop while enduring his heartache due to the losses.

A glint of cunning flashed through Lu Zijia’s eyes due to her success and she smiled so beamingly that her eyes curved like a crescent.
“Thank you, Uncle Xu.
Don’t worry.
I’ll be a loyal fan of your shop from now on.”

She bought a jade pendant with strong spiritual energy for just 5,000 yuan.
This was indeed a great deal!

Uncle Xu, who packed the jade pendant, talisman paper and cinnabar, and gave them to Lu Zijia, “…”

Seeing Lu Zijia’s harmless smile, why did he feel like he was tricked?

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Lu Zijia directly took out the 5,000 yuan she collected from Tong Kexin from her bag with a good mood and gave it to Uncle Xu.
The deal was completed.

“Sister? Why are you here?”

When Lu Zijia took the packed things and was about to leave, a familiar female voice came into her ears.

Lu Zijia turned to the side and had a look.
Without any surprise, she saw Lu Wanyuan standing at the door.

There were also two people in robes standing next to her.
One of them was old and the other was young.
The old man looked like a master.

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