And Mu Liren’s question happened to be where she could vent her emotions.

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Apparently, even though she denied Lu Zijia’s provocative remarks before, a seed of suspicion was still planted in her heart.

Once the seed of suspicion was planted and germinated, it wouldn’t be so easy to pull it out in the future.

“What? Mu Tianyan’s legs are healed? That’s impossible!”

Because he was too shocked, Mu Liren didn’t notice anything strange about his daughter.
“Honey, did you hear this from someone?

“Didn’t you say that Mu Tianyan would never be able to stand up again in this life and would only be a disabled person for the rest of his life?”

It was his daughter who told him that Mu Tianyan was disabled back then.
Why did she say that he could stand up now? This was impossible, definitely impossible!

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Mu Liren was extremely unwilling to accept this fact and he couldn’t accept it either.

Mu Tianyan was healed, but his son had become a disabled man who couldn’t take care of himself.
That wasn’t fair.
That wasn’t fair!

Seeing that her father didn’t seem to be faking his emotional reaction, the suspicion in Mu Shiyou’s mind didn’t dissipate completely even though it reduced a bit.

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“I saw him stand up with my own eyes.
He doesn’t look like someone who couldn’t walk at all in the past.”

Mu Shiyou stared at her father’s eyes firmly and asked word by word, “Father, you’ve been watching him.
Didn’t you notice anything wrong?”

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No matter how good a person was at acting, it was impossible that there was no loophole at all in the past three years.
They would definitely notice something strange during this period of time!

At this moment, Mu Liren finally noticed the strange behavior and the obvious questioning of her daughter.

Being questioned by his own daughter, Mu Liren was very uncomfortable in his mind.
However, due to his daughter’s identity as a Martial Artist, he could only suppress this discomfort.

“I asked someone to keep an eye on him at all times, but you also know that there are many Martial Artists around him.
Those Martial Artists you sent aren’t their match at all.

“So, I’ve only been watching Mu Tianyan from a distance these few years.
Even if he’s been pretending to be disabled all these years, I can’t possibly notice it.”

Speaking of this, Mu Liren was also a bit angry and resentful.

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He was resentful of her daughter that she didn’t send a few more powerful Martial Artists.
If he had some powerful Martial Artists, he wouldn’t have watched his son get crippled!

These two people were indeed father and daughter.
Even their thoughts were surprisingly similar.

“So, father, are you blaming me?”

Mu Shiyou was not stupid.
She certainly heard the reproach in her father’s words.

Being pointed out so directly by his daughter, Mu Liren was a bit embarrassed and his face couldn’t help becoming sullen.

“I’m your father after all.
Is this how you talk to me?”

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Due to his daughter’s identity as a Martial Artist, Mu Liren would sometimes give in appropriately.

But the only thing he would never do was to let his daughter, Mu Shiyou, escape from his control.

Even though Mu Shiyou’s entire face was covered with gauze, one could still see how bad she was feeling right now from her terrifying eyes.

“I’ll certainly treat you the way you treat me, father.”

Mu Shiyou said coldly, “Father, don’t forget that the eldest family of the Mu family is only so successful because of me, not because of Brother.

“If you don’t treat me as your daughter, I’ll never return to this home again in the future!”

What Mu Shiyou said was obviously a threat.

As expected, Mu Liren’s originally sullen face became even more so.

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