For the past three years, she had been in Mu Tianyan’s place and got what she had been dreaming about.
If the members of the main family knew that Mu Tianyan had regained his power, her status would…

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Thinking that she would be suppressed by Mu Tianyan again and lose the resources, status and the admiration from everyone that she had right now, she couldn’t help feeling jealous and resentful.

She hated Mu Tianyan for recovering and hated him for not dying back then!

No, she couldn’t let the main family know that Mu Tianyan had recovered.
No, definitely not!

Thinking of this, strong viciousness emerged in Mu Shiyou’s eyes unconsciously.

Lu Zijia narrowed her eyes slightly and an extremely dangerous, dark light flashed through them quickly.

This woman wanted to kill her man.
She was truly… not tortured badly enough!

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“Bang! Poof!”

As soon as Mu Shiyou made a move, Lu Zijia quickly cast a spell and sent her flying.

Mu Shiyou, who flew backwards, crashed into a big tree, making a loud sound.
The severe pain in her body and the surging blood in her chest made her spurt out a mouthful of blood abruptly.

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This time, Mu Shiyou could not stand it anymore.
After spurting out a mouthful of blood, she passed out.

Mu Yunhao and the others couldn’t help but swallow carefully when they saw this scene.
Their Madame was truly as fierce as ever!

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Noticing everyone’s strange gaze, Lu Zijia blinked and looked at her man with an innocent look.
“She’s so weak.
I didn’t do much and she’s already passed out.”

Mu Yunhao and the others: “…” Mu Shiyou suffered internal injuries from the attack and was bleeding.
It would be strange if she didn’t pass out.

If Mu Shiyou was awake and heard what Madame said just now, she would probably pass out directly from anger.

Mu Tianyan’s eyes became gentle and he couldn’t help chuckling softly.
He raised his hand and pinched her cheeks gently.
“Hm, my wife is the best.”

Her wife was standing up for him and protecting him.
This feeling… seemed pretty good.

“In order to reward you, how about I cook for you myself?” Before his wife became furious, Mu Tianyan retracted his mischievous hands and put his arms around her waist instead.

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Lu Zijia’s eyes brightened.
“Yes, yes, I want fish with pickled vegetables and spicy chicken.”

After the two of them confirmed their relationship, Lu Zijia had already learned how to request for particular dishes, and Mu Tianyan had also learned to make a few of them, which he did specifically for Lu Zijia.

Mu Yunhao and the others, who were single, thought that their interaction was too torturing.

So, whenever that happened, they would stay far away and try not to look at them.

They were just afraid that they would be tortured badly with one look.

When everyone left Mu Shiyou, who passed out, and was about to leave the “crime scene,” Lu Zijia suddenly seemed to notice something.
She turned around abruptly and her originally relaxed expression immediately became serious.

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Seeing her like this, Mu Tianyan also became vigilant without being noticed and his body blocked in front of Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia certainly saw his small move and her heart couldn’t help feeling warm.

However, she didn’t let her guard down either.

“We’re almost there.”

Mu Yunhao and the others were extremely confused.
When they were about to ask, Lu Zijia spoke first and her eyes were also staring in one direction.

Even though Mu Yunhao and the others didn’t understand it, they trusted Lu Zijia’s judgment, so they also gazed in that direction and became vigilant with solemn expressions.

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