However, Mu Yunhao and the others soon knew why their Madame had such a guilty reaction.

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“Second Master.”

Mu Yunhao, who noticed someone walking out of the mansion, turned around first and shouted respectfully after seeing who it was.

Mu Tianyan nodded slightly and glanced around.
He didn’t stop when she saw Mu Shiyou, who was covered in blood and looked extremely miserable.

“Madam.” Mu Tianyan walked directly towards Lu Zijia.
His black eyes looked extremely deep.

Lu Zijia stood upright.
Hearing the man call her, she blinked innocently.
“Huh? What’s wrong?”

Mu Tianyan sized her up from head to toe.
After making sure that she was not injured, he was relieved.
“Are you tired?”

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Lu Zijia: “???”

She thought the man would blame her for hurting some, but he asked if she was tired…

However, he was indeed the man she liked!

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“Not really.”

Lu Zijia showed a smile as bright as a chrysanthemum flower to the man.
It looked so sweet to him.

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Looking at the beaming smile that she put up for him, the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curled up unconsciously.
“Madam, take a rest first.
I’ll deal with the rest.”

Even though he didn’t want to stop his wife from growing, he wanted to accompany her while she grew.
At the same time, he wanted to let her know that he was always by her side.


Lu Zijia nodded obediently, showing no sign of the lunatic just then.

Mu Yunhao and the others: “…” Was their Second Master’s focus wrong? Also, didn’t Madame change her expression too quickly?

“Your… Your legs! You…”

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Seeing Mu Tianyan show up, Mu Shiyou was about to make a fuss, but when she saw Mu Tianyan walking towards her, her eyes widened in disbelief.

Didn’t Mu Tianyan lose all his power? And weren’t his legs disabled so he could never stand up again in this life? Why was he able to walk normally now?!

Impossible, this was impossible!

Mu Tianyan didn’t seem to notice her shock.
With a cold look, he looked at her from above.
“This isn’t a place you should come.
Get back to your home and be your genius.”

Mu Tianyan’s attitude was extremely cold.
He didn’t treat his cousin the way he should.

But that made sense.
Anyone else wouldn’t have a good attitude towards their cousin, who wanted to kill them.

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“You… You weren’t crippled at all.
You weren’t crippled at all, were you? Why did you lie to the main family? Why did you do that?!”

Mu Shiyou ignored what Mu Tianyan said and questioned Mu Tianyan self-righteously.

Mu Yunhao and the others all looked at Mu Shiyou speechlessly, as if they were looking at a fool.

The leader of the Mu family came to the conclusion himself three years ago that their Second Master would only be a disabled person in the future after losing all his power.

And now, Mu Shiyou said that their Second Master deceived the main family? Didn’t that mean that the leader of the Mu family also deceived the entire family?

“That’s funny.
Who would be so free to act as a disabled person? If you say that he can gain benefits, what are the benefits? Is it a benefit that he was kicked out of the main family of the Mu family?” Lu Zijia found Mu Shiyou’s vivid imagination funny.

“Then, why is he fine now? Our leader clearly said that he would only be a disabled person his entire life.
Why can he stand up now?”

Mu Shiyou was totally unable to accept that her original understanding was overthrown and her expression was full of madness.

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