One of Mu Tianyan’s sculpture-clear like hand, in the meanwhile, also took hold of Lu Zijia’s neck from behind, but he could not put any force into it.

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“Who are you?”

Mu Tianyan made a small push, causing slight pain upon Lu Zijia’s neck.
Luckily, he had not yet broken her neck totally.


He had read all of Lu Zijia’s information after he got to know how his Eldest Aunt had set up the conspiracy with the Lu Family.

Therefore, he was pretty certain that the girl in front of him was not the weak and easily-bullied Lu Zijia that he had read about before.

Mu Tianyan’s sudden burst of force made him look exactly like a ferocious monster.
He was casting enormous fright upon everyone around him.

In her previous life, Lu Zijia used to be a Golden Core Level Master.
She should have been considered as a powerful person with undoubtedly imposing airs.


Therefore, the intimidating air that Mu Tianyan was giving off was only slightly pressuring her.

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“Second Master of Mu, you must have already figured out who I am, haven’t you? Why bother to ask again?”

What Lu Zijia felt was that she was getting increasingly heated inwardly and that she was at the verge of bursting at any time.

“Second Master of Mu, if you don’t want anything to happen to your manhood, please put your hands up!”

Lu Zijia slowly moved the muzzle of the gun to below his belly, pointing directly at a man’s most important part.


She was feeling worse and worse and getting increasingly feeble too.
If she did not get herself out of the situation now, she would definitely get herself killed.

Therefore, she had to make herself an “indecent” woman for once to keep Mu Tianyan under control.

Feeling that his manhood was pressed against the gun, Mu Tianyan’s handsome face fell.

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Even the air of the room was getting colder than ever.
Obviously, he was really furious.

“Second Master of Mu, I am not a patient person.
If you don’t work with me, I will do something about it.”

She then forcefully pushed with the gun, causing pain on the fragile part of his, making him utter a muffled sound.


Mu Tianyan was certain that he was able to kill this woman, but he was unsure if his manhood was going to be hurt at the same time.

Mu Tianyan decided to make a compromise for the first time in his life.

Seeing Mu Tianyan raise his hands obediently, Lu Zijia let out a sigh of relief inwardly.

Although she did have the courage to kill Mu Tianyan, she had no intention of getting herself into huge trouble before she even got to know this world.

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Mu Tianyan did not seem to be an ordinary person.
She would undoubtedly run into endless trouble if she killed him.

“Get lost now!”

Mu Tianyan did not show any intention of backing up, even if he was fatally threatened.

“Sorry, but I am afraid that I can’t do that right now.”


Lu Zijia turned that order down without hesitation.

No, she was not attracted by the man’s muscular chest.
It was just that this man was too dangerous for her to be careless.

Lu Zijia added before the man said anything, “I am a woman and you are a man.
I am the one that is in the disadvantageous part, not you.
What are you so nervous about?”

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Lu Zijia was telling the truth by this point.

However, the air around Mu Tianyan got even cooler, making Lu Zijia sneeze involuntarily.

“So, you are shamelessly throwing yourself at me now?” Mu Tianyan said in an ironic tone.

Lu Zijia was speechless.
Damn, this man kept smearing her name!

“You may be a little good-looking, but you are not good-looking enough to make me fall for you at first sight.
Stop thinking so highly of yourself.”


As Lu Zijia was talking, the warmth of her breath sprinkled all over Mu Tianyan’s neck, drawing his full attention.

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