Noticing Mu Shiyou’s breakdown, Lu Zijia curled the corners of her mouth slightly and didn’t shut up.
“How can I not talk? If you don’t know about it, how are you going to cooperate with me?”

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Mu Yunhao and the others: “!!!”

She wanted to make her a human stick and even asked her to cooperate.
Madame was really demanding too much!

However, it also matched the style of their Madame…

“Enough, enough! I’m not betting.
I’m not betting!”

Mu Shiyou’s body trembled violently, but she had to suppress it firmly.

Because the long sword on her neck didn’t move away.
If her movement was slightly bigger, she would undoubtedly be digging her own grave.

“No? But what if I want to?”

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Lu Zijia frowned in displeasure and the sword on Mu Shiyou’s neck immediately moved forward a bit.

As the blood flowed out quickly, Mu Shiyou’s face gradually turned pale.

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“What exactly do you want?”

Mu Shiyou still maintained a cold look on the outside, but her tone unconsciously became compromising.

At the same time, her tightly clenched hands also betrayed her frightened mood at this moment.

She had been used to having a smooth life since she was little and had never been treated like this by anyone.

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Let alone bleeding, she had never even been hit gently by someone.
However, if she was a bit careless today, she might die at her own sword.

This feeling of being on the verge of dying made a hint of fear appear in Mu Shiyou’s heart unconsciously.

Compared to ordinary people, Martial Artists were more afraid of death, because the stronger someone was, the more afraid they were of dying.

Lu Zijia curled up the corners of her mouth in satisfaction.
Slap your mouth and say that you’re a piece of trash until I’m satisfied.
Otherwise, I’ll let you know how crazy I am.”

Lu Zijia said as she waved the long sword in her hand.
With a swishing sound, a wound so deep that her bones could be seen appeared on Mu Shiyou’s arm.

“Argh!” The sharp pain in the right arm made Mu Shiyou scream immediately.
Her already pale face immediately turned extremely pale.

At this moment, she could no longer maintain the coldness and arrogance on the outside and her superior attitude.

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“I don’t have much patience.
I’ll give you ten seconds.”

Lu Zijia didn’t care about her scream.
She turned the long sword in her hand and pointed the shining, cold long sword at her thigh.
The threat was obvious.

“Don’t go too far!”

Mu Shiyou looked as ferocious as a devil and her eyes were full of deep hatred.

“Five, four…” Lu Zijia ignored her anger and continued counting down for her.

“Mu Yunhao! If I die, not only this lunatic will die with me, you’ll all die too!”

Unable to threaten Lu Zijia, Mu Shiyou could only try threatening Mu Yunhao anxiously.

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However, although Mu Yunhao was worried, he had no intention of stopping her.

He believed that Madame wasn’t a reckless person.
Since she dared to do this, she must have her own considerations.

Thinking of this, Mu Yunhao looked away and stopped gazing at Mu Shiyou’s ferocious face.

Mu Yunhao’s attitude made Mu Shiyou so furious that she almost spurted out blood again.


Lu Zijia’s eyes were cold and she deliberately slowed down the countdown, giving people a creepy and chilling feeling.


When the sword was about to pierce her thigh, Mu Shiyou compromised in the end.

Because she didn’t dare to gamble with her life.

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