Lu Zijia, who was in the middle of the battle, rolled her eyes rudely and ignored the arrogant golden pagoda completely.

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Its master was fighting with her life and death right now, yet this pagoda was still acting arrogant.
It was simply… digging its own grave!

With such an unreliable contract spirit, Lu Zijia felt so frustrated.

An hour later.

“Master, go! She’s almost out of breath.
Oh no, her internal energy is almost depleted.
Kill her when she’s weak.
Master, don’t be soft-hearted!”

Noticing that Mu Shiyou’s breath was getting unstable, the golden pagoda squatting on the gate of the Mu family was immediately excited.

Lu Zijia glanced over faintly with a gaze that seemed to be saying, “When have I been a soft-hearted person?”

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Being kind to the enemy was being cruel to herself.
She would be a fool if she was soft-hearted!

Seeing Mu Shiyou, who stabbed at her with all her strength, Lu Zijia suddenly smiled creepily and jumped up abruptly.
Before Mu Shiyou could change her move, Lu Zijia stepped on her head with her heavy weight.

The golden pagoda jumped and bit Mu Shiyou’s hand that was holding the sword.

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The overloaded weight made Mu Shiyou bend her legs instantly and she instantly knelt on the ground.
Together with the severe pain in her hand, she finally couldn’t help but scream.

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“Hm! How dare you hit my master? I’ll bite you to death, scratch you, and even disfigure your face.
I’ll make you, this crazy woman, too ashamed to face anyone in the future.”

The moment Mu Shiyou lost the long sword in her hand, the golden pagoda immediately attacked her, deliberately on her face.
With a few scratches, a few more streaks of blood appeared on Mu Shiyou’s arrogant face.

Lu Zijia didn’t stop the golden pagoda, but showed a satisfied look instead.

It was indeed her contract spirit.
That was what it should do.

Even though she couldn’t kill this woman, this woman scolded her man just then.
She had to teach her a lesson no matter what.
Otherwise, she would really think that there was no one protecting her man!

“I suggest you don’t act rashly.
Otherwise, it’ll be bad if I break your neck accidentally.”

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Noticing that Mu Shiyou was moving, Lu Zijia curled up the corners of her mouth and warned her in a faint tone.

Mu Shiyou stopped what she was doing and her face was distorted.
Flames almost spouted out of her eyes.

“Get down!”

Mu Shiyou growled as she gritted her teeth.
Her eyes were so red that they seemed to be stained with a layer of blood.

She had been superior since she was little.
Even when she went to the main family of the Mu family and was suppressed by Mu Tianyan, she was still a superior genius.

She had never been stepped on like this before!

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The humiliation in her heart made Mu Shiyou almost go crazy, but she dared not to act rashly.

Even though she had no idea what Lu Zijia was trying to do, she knew that if she wasn’t confident enough to beat Lu Zijia with one attack, her neck would probably be broken or her head would be smashed by Lu Zijia.

She didn’t want any of these consequences to happen.

“I’m not coming down.
I’m not coming down.
What can you do about it?” Lu Zijia wiggled her body deliberately and stepped on the ground, looking very unhappy.

Mu Yunhao and the others, who were watching quietly on the side: “…”

Was it really good for Madame to be so naughty? Mu Shiyou, the second genius, must hate Madame to death right now, right?

But it was fine.
They were destined to be enemies anyway.
What difference would it make if she hated her more or less?

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