Zhang Munian was a man of action.
Thinking of this, he immediately started moving.

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However, he completely forgot what that disciple said just then that his father was out and hadn’t come back yet.

After looking around the huge house, Zhang Munian suddenly remembered that his father was not at home!

Regarding his own stupidity, Zhang Munian almost spurted out blood.

In the villa of the eldest family of the Mu family.

“Master, Second Lady is back!” The butler rushed to the living room and reported to Mu Liren excitedly.

Hearing what the butler said, Mu Liren, who was originally worried, was immediately delighted in his mind.

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“Shiyou is back? Great! Great! Finally, Jinfeng might be saved.”

Thinking of this, Mu Liren immediately got up and walked towards the door.

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“Father, I’m back.”

Mu Liren had only walked a few steps when a cold-looking woman in a white dress appeared at the door.

This woman was Mu Liren’s second daughter, Mu Shiyou, who took Mu Tianyan’s place in the family.

Before Mu Liren spoke, Mu Shiyou continued, “Father, you said something happened to my brother.
What happened?”

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Mu Liren originally wanted to chat with his daughter, but after hearing what she said, he immediately felt sorrowful.

“Shiyou, you must help your brother this time.
Mu Tianyan, that bastard, crippled your brother.
If you don’t help your brother, he’ll be disabled for the rest of his life.”

Speaking of this, Mu Liren was both heartbroken and resentful.
He couldn’t wait to kill Mu Tianyan with his own hands to take revenge for his son.

However, he knew very well that he didn’t have the ability, so he could only let his daughter take revenge for his son.

“What? Mu Tianyan? How dare he!”

Hearing that her brother was crippled by Mu Tianyan, whom she thought was already a piece of trash, got extremely furious in her mind.

This feeling was like being slapped on the head by Mu Tianyan, totally stripping her of her dignity.

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“Why wouldn’t he dare? That bastard doesn’t put our family in his eyes at all because the Great Elder has his back!

“He can cripple your brother this time.
My old life will probably be gone next time.

“Honey, you’re the peerless genius of the Mu family now.
You can’t be suppressed by that bastard again!”

Mu Liren put all the blame on Mu Tianyan without mentioning anything about what they did and he even instigated Mu Shiyou.

“Hm! How dare he!”

Mu Shiyou sneered and looked even more arrogant.
“He’s just a piece of trash right now.
Does he still think he’s the peerless genius from before?

“Even if the Great Elder can protect him for a while, he can’t protect him forever! How dare he cripple my brother? I’ll make him wish he were dead!”

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As soon as she finished talking, Mu Shiyou flashed and went to the old mansion of the Mu family quickly.

Seeing this, Mu Liren didn’t stop her, but showed a cold and complacent look instead.

“Mu Tianyan, let’s see who can save you this time! I’ll make you regret what you did to my son!”

Meanwhile, at the old mansion of the Mu family.

Lu Zijia, who had no idea that someone was coming to find trouble, was packing the pills happily at this moment.

“Madame, what are you doing?” Mu Yunhao came into the living room from outside and couldn’t help feeling a bit strange when he saw Lu Zijia directly sitting on the carpet and putting pills into small wooden boxes.

Because the pills their Madame gave them usually were in jade bottles.


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