Chapter 58: There Is Always Someone Better, Don’t Look Down on Anyone

Lu Zijia sat in the passenger seat as she held her phone and looked at the balance in her bank account with a delighted face.

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At the same time, she was calculating how many jade stones with spiritual energy she could buy with 100,000 yuan.

However, after pondering for a long time, she realized that it was impossible for her to buy jade stones with spiritual energy with 100,000 yuan, but she could get ingredients at the Gambling Stone Market.

Whether she could make jade stones would depend on her own ability.

After thinking about it again and again, Lu Zijia still thought she should buy more talisman paper to draw talismans.
Perhaps she would have other dealings again some other time.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia asked Jin Junyi to drive her to Lingde Street without hesitation.
It was convenient to drop by anyway.

Lingde Street was specialized in trading metaphysical things.
Many metaphysics lovers came here and those who believed in it would also come for shopping.

Jin Junyi looked at Lu Zijia, who was completely different from the past, and finally couldn’t help but ask, “Did your temperament really change only because you suffered a huge blow?”

If only her temperament changed, why would she suddenly know magic and even be better than him?

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This made Jin Junyi doubt if Lu Zijia was still the original Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia certainly knew his suspicion, but she didn’t reveal it.
She only asked him back, “Is it really important whether my temperament has changed or not? It doesn’t matter as long as I’m still me.”

She was only reborn in this body after the original host died, so she wouldn’t feel guilty at all.

After all, she didn’t take away the original host’s chance of living, did she?

Of course, it was inevitable for her to bear the responsibilities left by the original host.
She would fulfil her filial duty to Du Xiangjun and would certainly not let the Lu family go.

What Lu Zijia said made Jin Junyi frown tightly, but his eyebrows soon relaxed again.

Whether it was a Martial Artist or someone who practiced magic, nobody liked others prying into their lives.
Even if Jin Junyi was curious and doubtful in his mind, he could only repress those feelings.


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“Did you know a long time ago that those two evil spirits were Fei Dingshan’s parents?” Jin Junyi asked.

“No,” Lu Zijia replied without hesitation.

She indeed had no idea about it, but she could see that the ghosts in the villa at that time weren’t really evil spirits from her observations.

After seeing Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost when she entered the villa, she was even more certain that they weren’t evil spirits.

Jin Junyi didn’t give up as he continued to ask, “I remember you said that they weren’t evil spirits before entering the villa.

“Can you tell me how you knew those two ghosts weren’t evil spirits?”

Thinking about the entire incident, Jin Junyi found Lu Zijia even more unpredictable.
She seemed to have already known how it would develop, which indeed made him stunned.

Lu Zijia looked at him with a weird gaze, then showed a look of sudden realization, “Turns out you didn’t see it!”

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“See what?” Jin Junyi tried his best to remember what happened before and found that he didn’t miss anything.

Lu Zijia saw that he was so “eager to learn,” so she didn’t mind reminding him, “Who’s the first person we saw when we went to the Fei family?”

“Fei Weiwei.”

Jin Junyi blurted out, “Is something wrong with her?”

Lu Zijia stuck her index finger up and shook it, “No, there’s nothing wrong with her.
Not only that, she’s also very well.

“Her parents were surrounded by Yin energy and even had traces of being beaten by the ghosts on their bodies, but as their daughter, nothing happened to her.
What does this indicate?

“This indicates two things.
One is that Fei Weiwei has something on her that protects her, but the truth is she wasn’t wearing anything that can restrain ghosts.

So, only the second point is left.

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“That is, the ghosts that appeared in the Fei family have a clear boundary between love and hate.
They would never hurt innocents.

“How evil can ghosts that discriminate between kindness and hatred and don’t hurt the innocents be?”

It just so happened that they were already at Lingde Street.
Lu Zijia said again before getting out of the car, “Also, you don’t necessarily need to catch the ghosts to solve the problem when you deal with a matter like this in the future.

“Then, isn’t it even more efficient?

“Besides, you can also earn merits for yourself.
Kill two birds with one stone.
Isn’t that really nice?”

Until Lu Zijia completely disappeared in the crowd on the street, Jin Junyi, who was in the driver’s seat, finally collected his wits from those profound words.

He immediately mumbled, “Master is indeed right.
There’s always someone better.
Don’t look down on anyone.”

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