Ye Nanxi nodded.
“I understand.
Don’t worry, Sister Qin.
I know what to do.”

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“Good that you know.”

Qin Zheng patted her shoulder comfortingly and a flattering smile immediately appeared on her face as if she thought of something.
“Nanxi, do I treat you well?”

Hearing Qin Zheng’s tone, Ye Nanxi immediately got goosebumps out of anger and she looked vigilant at the same time.
“Sister Qin, just say what you want.
I’m scared seeing you like this!”

“Why are you scared? I don’t eat people.” Qin Zheng said a bit speechlessly.

Ye Nanxi: “…” She didn’t eat people, but she was even scarier than eating people!

Ye Nanxi didn’t say anything and Qin Zheng didn’t mind either.
She continued, “Nanxi, did you get the new products of Three Treasures from Master Lu?

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“Since I always treat you so well, why don’t you sell me a few boxes of whitening facial masks and a few bottles of acne removal solution?”

Ye Nanxi: “!!!” A few boxes? A few bottles? She only had five boxes of facial masks and five bottles of acne removal solution, but Sister Qin wanted a few boxes and a few bottles from her!

Impossible, absolutely impossible!

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Ye Nanxi immediately jumped to the side and looked at her manager with vigilance.
“I only have five boxes and five bottles in total.
If I sell them all to you, what about me?”

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As soon as Qin Zheng heard that there were five boxes and five bottles, her eyes immediately brightened.
“Then, sell me two boxes of facial masks and two bottles of acne removal solution.
Please, Nanxi, just sell them to me, please.”

For the sake of her own skin, Qin Zheng, who was a famous top manager in the company, had completely forgotten about her image at this moment.

This showed how charming the skincare products were.

After being tortured for more than an hour, Ye Nanxi finally raised her hands in surrender and promised to give her manager a box of whitening facial masks and two bottles of acne removal solution.

Although Qin Zheng was a bit dissatisfied, it was better than nothing.

She had been sitting in front of the computer for more than two weeks, but she had never been able to get a box of facial masks or a bottle of acne removal solution.
Those people who tried to fight with her over the products simply had demonic speed!

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She heard that the website of Three Treasures had even been down because of those people with demonic speed several times!

Ye Nanxi originally thought that she would still have four boxes of facial masks and three bottles of acne removal solution left, but when she saw Zhang Junning, who came to find her, she immediately had a bad feeling.

“Sister Junning, aren’t you filming your scenes tomorrow? Why are you here?”

Even though Ye Nanxi had a bad feeling, she still braced herself and went forward.

After all, having one more friend was better than having one more enemy.
Besides, Zhang Junning was indeed a nice person.

“I’m here to apologize to you.”

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Zhang Junning sized up Ye Nanxi and only heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that she wasn’t injured.

“Apologize?” Ye Nanxi looked confused.


Zhang Junning nodded.
“I originally intended to introduce your role to Hu Jingqiao, but I think you’re more suitable for it, so…

“Hu Jingqiao might have done something extreme because she was unwilling to accept it.
Nanxi, I’m really sorry.
I almost ruined your reputation.”

After saying that, Zhang Junning bowed and apologized to Ye Nanxi with a sincere look.

Ye Nanxi couldn’t help but be stunned for a second.
Then, she was startled by Zhang Junning’s actions and she quickly went forward to stop her.
“It’s alright, it’s alright.
That’s not your fault, Sister Junning.
After all, no one would have thought of this.

“Besides, I should be thanking you, Sister Junning.
If it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be able to join Director Liang’s crew.”

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