The reporters, who originally doubted Lu Zijia’s identity as a Taoist Master, immediately denied her identity after hearing what Ye Nanxi said.

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That was because everyone knew that Taoist Masters looked at Feng Shui, read people’s fortune or caught ghosts, but they had never heard that Taoist Masters also knew how to develop skincare products.

So, after what Ye Nanxi said, those reporters immediately thought that the title of Taoist Master might only be a gimmick.

So, no one asked about her identity as a Taoist Master anymore.
Instead, they asked about those skincare products, especially the female reporters, who were even more excited.

“This lady developed Three Treasures’ new skincare products.
So, what’s the relationship between this lady and the Du family? Is she the Young Lady of the Du family?”

“Miss, since you developed the products, does that mean you have some stocks? Um… can you sell me a few boxes of whitening facial masks?”

“Go away, you’re so shameless.
She doesn’t know you at all.
Why should she sell them to you?d

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“But Miss, I’m willing to pay twice the price for a bottle of acne removal solution.
Can you sell it to me? I’m not greedy.
Just one bottle will do.

“Pfft, who were you calling shameless just then? Move, move, are you paying double? I’ll pay triple!”

The male reporters, who had been squeezed to the back unknowingly: “…”

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When women became crazy, they instantly became strong!

“Hey, Sister Nanxi, are you holding Three Treasures’ facial masks and acne removal solution?”

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A sharp-eyed female reporter saw the bag in Ye Nanxi’s hand and her eyes couldn’t help lighting up.

Before Ye Nanxi replied, another female reporter spoke first excitedly.

“Right, right, right, that’s the bag of Three Treasures.
Although there’s no logo on the back, I’m certain that it’s the bag of Three Treasures!

“Sister Nanxi, the bag seems to be quite heavy.
Why don’t you sell me two boxes, no, one box, just one box of whitening facial masks? I’ll pay you three times the price, alright?”

“Sister Nanxi, I’ll pay four times the price!”

“I’ll pay five times!”

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“Six times!”


Looking at the group of female reporters who were bidding crazily, Lu Zijia couldn’t help blinking.

Even though she already knew that the whitening facial masks and acne removal solution were very popular, she had never thought that they could make people so crazy.
She finally saw how crazy women in this world were.

It seemed that she could still make more skincare products.
Judging from the current situation, she wouldn’t have to worry that she wouldn’t be able to sell them.

“Master, let’s go quickly! If we don’t go now, they’ll definitely come up to snatch them!”

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Seeing that the bids rose more than ten times, Ye Nanxi quickly asked Lu Zijia next to her to slip away.

She spent so much effort to get these skincare products.
She wouldn’t sell them even for a hundred times the price, let alone a dozen times.
After all, she didn’t even have enough for herself!

After parting with Lu Zijia, Ye Nanxi returned to the crew reluctantly.

“Ah, Nanxi, are you alright? Hu Jingqiao is too cruel.”

Qin Zheng, the manager who rushed back to the crew after seeing the news, immediately heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Ye Nanxi return.

“But Hu Jingqiao brought this upon herself.
After the news went out, she definitely wouldn’t be able to stay in the entertainment industry anymore, but that’s already easy on her.

“Nanxi, you must fight the lawsuit that needs to be fought.
If you let it go easily, people will still bully you in the future.” Qin Zheng said furiously.

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