After two hours, Fei Dingshan and his family walked Lu Zijia and the others out of the villa politely.

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“Thanks to you this time, Master Lu.
If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know my parents had already passed away until the day I died.


“It’s already regrettable that I couldn’t kneel and bow to my parents after they passed away.
If I didn’t know that my parents were dead even after I died, then I really wouldn’t be able to be at peace.”


Although Fei Dingshan’s parents comforted him a lot before they reincarnated, he was still uncomfortable in his mind.


His big brother didn’t only pocket the money he sent to support his parents throughout these years but even came between him and his parents, and he kept him from seeing his parents for so many years.
He didn’t even know that his parents were dead.


He would settle the score with his big brother no matter what!


He wanted to see for himself if his big brother was still a human being or not!

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“Right, right, thanks to you, masters,” Madam Fei said as she took out four red pockets immediately and distributed them to Lu Zijia and the others.


Tong Kexin, who had awakened from the coma, glanced at the red pocket in Lu Zijia’s hand that was apparently thicker than theirs, and a glint of jealousy and hatred flashed through her eyes.


Lu Zijia took the red pocket very quickly with an extremely friendly smile, “Mr.
Fei, Madam Fei, you’re welcome.
This is what we should do.”


“Right! Remember to look for us when you need anything next time.
Since you’re our regular customers, I can give you a discount.”


Fei Dingshan and his wife, “…”


It was already tough enough to experience such a thing once.
In fact, they didn’t want to become their regular customers at all.

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Even though they thought so in their minds, the two of them still agreed one after another.


“Oh, right.”


Madam Fei suddenly remembered something.
She looked at Lu Zijia with a slightly flattering look, “Master Lu, I wonder if your talismans are for sale?


“Don’t worry.
I’ll never let you suffer a loss.
I’m willing to buy it for 100,000 yuan.
Master Lu, what do you think?”


As soon as Madam Fei said this, Fei Dingshan also nodded constantly.
The two of them looked at Lu Zijia with anticipation in their eyes.


As for Tong Kexin and the others, they were completely ignored by the couple.

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Fei Dingshan and his wife had witnessed with their own eyes and experienced the effect of their talismans before.
Both of them thought that Lu Zijia’s talismans were better.


Of course, the most important thing was that this incident was solved only because of Lu Zijia, so they certainly trusted Lu Zijia more.


Hearing 100,000 yuan, Lu Zijia’s eyes immediately brightened and she took out the remaining Blessing Talisman without hesitation.


She thought that she could only sell her talismans for at most a few hundred yuan under the circumstance that she wasn’t famous yet.
She didn’t expect it to soar to 100,000 yuan at once.
This feeling was truly amazing!


Of course, Lu Zijia still maintained a calm look on the outside like she was superior.


“This is a Blessing Talisman.
It can keep you safe twice.”

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With her current level, this was the best that the talisman she drew could do.


However, even if it could only keep them safe twice, Fei Dingshan and his wife were still very happy.


After transferring money with her phone, Madam Fei carefully took the Blessing Talisman in Lu Zijia’s hand and asked her daughter to keep it with her.


Watching Lu Zijia earn 100,000 yuan so easily in front of them, tTong Kexin and Che Zhibin’s eyes turned red out of jealousy.


On the way back, Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin didn’t want to stay in the same space with Lu Zijia, so they didn’t go back with the car they took to come here.


They directly took a taxi to the hospital.
Both of them were seriously injured after all!

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