Zhong Qingran was startled in her mind and she quickly explained, “I didn’t, I didn’t.
Jinqian, you have to believe me.
I love you so much, how could I possibly…”

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Before Zhong Qingran finished talking, Du Jinqian interrupted her abruptly and suddenly stood up, glaring at her furiously.
“People of the Du family have eyes and we aren’t dumb!

“We didn’t hold it against you only because of my son, but what about you? You’ve been pushing your luck again and again.
Do you really think the members of the Du family are fools?

“I’m telling you clearly right now that you and I will never get married again in this life!”

Du Jinqian had always been a gentle person and he rarely spoke so harshly to people.
Apparently, he was really angry.

It wasn’t that Zhong Qingran hadn’t seen Du Jinqian angry all these years, but she still felt scared at this moment.

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At the same time, the self-righteousness she had had for years was suddenly shattered at this moment.

So, it wasn’t that the members of the Du family were stupid, but that they didn’t care about her.
However, she naively thought that the members of the Du family didn’t see through her little tricks.

At this moment, Zhong Qingran suddenly felt unprecedented embarrassment, as if she was too ashamed to face Du Jinqian.

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However, she soon repressed these feelings forcibly.

She didn’t want to stay in her parents’ house and suffer anymore, so she could only return to the Du family.
She must return to the Du family.

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Thinking of this, Zhong Qingran’s eyes quickly turned red and her face with exquisite makeup was full of sadness.

“Jinqian, I didn’t, I really didn’t.
I love you so much, how could I possibly do something that fails you? There must be a misunderstanding.
Right, there must be a misunderstanding.

“Jinqian, I’m still Xiao Yuan’s mother no matter what.
Can you bear to let him not have a mother in the future?”

Zhong Qingran suddenly grabbed Du Jinqian’s arm with both hands and tears immediately fell from her eyes.
Her voice was full of begging.

Hearing Zhong Qingran mention their son, Du Jinqian’s face suddenly turned cold.
“It’s enough for my son to have me, his father, right now.
As for a mother, he’ll have one in the future.”

After saying that, Du Jinqian raised his hand and forcefully got rid of her hands, then pointed at the office door.
“I still have work to do.
Please go out and don’t disturb me again in the future.

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“Otherwise, I’ll directly call the cops to deal with it! I think the Zhong family wouldn’t want to make a fuss either?”

The members of the Zhong family were all prideful people.
If they knew that their daughter came to ask her ex-husband to remarry her and was rejected, even causing trouble and going to the police station, the members of the Zhong family would definitely feel embarrassed.

A daughter who embarrassed them would most likely be kicked out of the family.

Zhong Qingran knew this very well.

As expected, Zhong Qingran, who originally wanted to pester him, immediately turned pale after hearing that.

However, she couldn’t accept it in her mind, so she could only say “I won’t give up” and left in a hurry in anger.

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Du Jinqian believed what Zhong Qingran said, because Zhong Qingran was someone who would never stop until she achieved her goal.

However, he had been really busy lately and he didn’t want to waste his time on someone who wasn’t worth it at all.

“Knock, knock.”

As soon as Du Jinqian sat down, someone knocked on the office door again.

“Manager, Miss Lu Zijia is looking for you outside.
She said she’s your niece.”

The office door wasn’t closed, so the female secretary directly told Du Jinqian.

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