Lu Zijia looked at Feng Zixuan as if she was looking at an incurable fool.

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Feng Zixuan’s eyes were full of madness as he refuted without thinking, “Impossible.
That’s real.
That’s real.
I can be reborn.
I can definitely be reborn!

“Just one more person and I’ll be able to come back to life.
I definitely can’t let you ruin my big plan.
Absolutely not!”

As soon as Feng Zixuan shouted, a blood streak suddenly appeared between his eyebrows and gradually spread down his nose and mouth, as if someone cut him in half.

Seeing the skinless ghost like this, Lu Zijia knew that he wanted to give up Feng Zixuan’s human skin, so he could break free from the restraints of her Immobilizing Spell to get the last person’s blood energy.

However, how would Lu Zijia possibly let him succeed?

“If that bullsh*t Half Resurrection Spell is real, you should be less afraid of the sun after absorbing the blood energy of nine people, right?

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“But you’ve only been under the sun for less than two minutes and your human skin has already started to stink and rot.
What does this mean? It means that the Half Resurrection Spell is just bullsh*t.

“Because of that bullsh*t spell, you killed nine people to help yourself come back to life.
That’s ridiculous!”

Let alone the fact that people couldn’t be resurrected after they died, even if a powerful cultivator died, he could only reincarnate and definitely wouldn’t be able to be reborn.

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And now, this skinless ghost in front of her was dreaming of it.
She really didn’t know what to say.

If he could be resurrected, wouldn’t the world be in chaos?

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Besides, using ten lives to exchange for the resurrection of one person was already unacceptable in the world.
Even if he was truly reborn, she would also be killed by the lightning of the Heavenly Dao.

“You didn’t deserve to be a human when you were alive and you don’t deserve to be a ghost after you die.
Then, I’ll shatter your soul!”

Lu Zijia wasn’t soft-hearted when dealing with evil spirits that killed people.
Before the skinless ghost completely came out of Feng Zixuan’s human skin, she formed a bolt of lightning and struck him.

“Boom! Argh! No! No, no, no! I don’t want my soul to shatter.
I don’t want my soul to shatter.
I want to be resurrected.
I want to be resurrected!!”

A cloud of black fog rushed out of Feng Zixuan’s half-opened human skin, as if it wanted to escape.
However, the powerful lightning struck it directly.

However, that black fog dissipated in an instant and vanished from the world.

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And Feng Zixuan’s human skin fell to the ground without the support of the skinless ghost ghost.

Lu Zijia frowned slightly as she glanced at the human skin that was full of burnt spots and blood.
She casually created a flame and instantly burnt the human skin into ashes.

Lu Zijia didn’t let the ashes be blown away by the wind, but put them in a brocade pouch.

With a flash, Lu Zijia appeared in Wang Huiying’s ward again.

Lu Zijia observed Wang Huiying’s face and saw that she wasn’t dead yet, so she helped her.
Of course, whether she could wake up in the end depended on herself.

After leaving the hospital, Lu Zijia went to find Ye Xinping.

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Ye Xinping, who was already waiting in the villa, didn’t panic when she saw Lu Zijia suddenly appear.
Instead, she was very nervous, because she was afraid that she would hear something that wasn’t the answer she wanted.

Lu Zijia passed a brocade pouch to her.

Ye Xinping accepted it a bit dumbfoundedly.
She didn’t understand why Lu Zijia gave her a pouch.

“This is part of Feng Zixuan’s ashes.”

Lu Zijia pursed her red lips and said something very cruel to Ye Xinping indifferently.

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