“Hm!” Feng Kun couldn’t stand it and snorted coldly, but he didn’t stop his son.

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Wang Jiarong sat back at the dining table, but she no longer had the appetite to continue eating breakfast.

“I don’t understand.
I really don’t understand how our son became like this right now.” As Wang Jiarong spoke, her eyes couldn’t help turning slightly red.

Their son used to be their pride, but why did his personality suddenly change drastically after he came back from a business trip three years ago?

He even abandoned his fiancée, who was his childhood friend.

Wang Jiarong was very guilty about this and she felt sorry for the Ye family.

However, she had no choice.
After all, she couldn’t force her son.
Taking ten thousand steps back, even if she succeeded in forcing him for a while, it didn’t mean that she could force him for the rest of his life.

Besides, would they really be happy if she forced them to be together?

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Thinking of this, tears welled up in Wang Jiarong’s eyes.

“Alright, stop thinking about it.
It’s useless to think too much.”

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Feng Kun didn’t show it on the outside, but he sighed silently in his mind.
He comforted his wife and got up to go to work.

Feng Kun also doubted if his suddenly changed son was really his son.

However, after investigating, he found that his son was indeed still his son, but his personality had changed drastically for some reason.

During these three years, he had been furious about his son’s changes and had scolded him, but it was all useless.
In the end, he gradually stopped caring about his son.

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However, he still had a question in his mind.
What exactly happened that made the personality of his son, who used to make him proud, suddenly change drastically?

He spent a total of three years trying to figure out the answer, but still couldn’t.


Feng Zixuan, who left home, drove to the florist first.
After buying a bouquet of flowers, he went to a hospital.

“Knock, knock.”

Feng Zixuan raised his hand and knocked gently on the door of the ward.
There was no expression on his gentle and elegant face, but there was an inexplicable excitement flashing in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

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Ye Guozhi opened the door of the ward and his expression immediately turned cold when he saw that it was Feng Zixuan.

Apparently, he didn’t welcome Feng Zixuan at all.

“To visit Auntie, of course.”

Feng Zixuan glanced at him and then looked past him at Wang Huiying, who had become a brain-dead person in the hospital bed.

“The Ye family doesn’t welcome you.
Get out of here!”

Feng Kun even resented his daughter, so he certainly wouldn’t not resent this culprit in front of him.

If Feng Zixuan hadn’t abandoned his daughter all of a sudden, his wife wouldn’t have been pushed onto the road by his daughter, who was muddled by love, and his wife wouldn’t have become a brain-dead person!

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So, even if he wouldn’t take revenge on Feng Zixuan, he definitely wouldn’t want to see him either.

“Hang on.”

Feng Zixuan raised his hand and blocked the door that Ye Guozhi wanted to close.
There was a hint of coldness in his creepy eyes.
“I told you, I’m here to see Auntie.”

As soon as Feng Zixuan finished talking, he pushed Ye Guozhi away before he could react.

Ye Guozhi was caught off guard and he was almost pushed to the ground.
His already bad expression immediately turned extremely sullen.

“Feng Zixuan! I said the Ye family doesn’t welcome you, you bastard.
Get out!”

Ye Guozhi reached out and wanted to grab Feng Zixuan’s arm, dragging him out.

However, Feng Zixuan flicked his hand away rudely and even kicked him in the stomach.

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