Luo Baode who was urged to break through by using a bunch of pills for the first time in his life: “…”

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Ah! Fine, fine, since this girl still remembered to respect him, he would be a bigger person and forgive this girl.

Thinking of this, Luo Baode didn’t say anything else.
He immediately took a Vitality Pill and sat cross-legged on the couch to meditate.

Seeing this, Lu Zijia’s eyes rolled and the smile on her face also became brighter.

At the same time, when Luo Baode came to the old mansion of the Mu family, Taoist Qingxuan also heard about it.
However, Taoist Qingxuan didn’t take it seriously and just asked his men to continue watching.

Five hours later.

Suddenly, a huge and powerful force spread out in the living room of the mansion.

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The secret guards hidden in the dark couldn’t help but feel energetic and their eyes were full of yearning.

“Hahaha… Girl, thanks to your pills.
Otherwise, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to get past the peak of level five even after eight or ten years.”

Feeling that his whole body was relaxed and every part of his body was full of energy, Luo Baode couldn’t hide the joy on his face.

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Lu Zijia smiled gently and asked, “Director, how do you feel? Do you have the urge to find an opponent to fight with because you’re full of energy?”

Mu Yunhao, who continued to be an invisible person silently thought, “Here it is.
Madame is finally going to make a big move!”

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Seeing that his wife was about to make a big move, Mu Tianyan smiled indulgently and took her little hand with his big hand, playing with it carefully in his palm.

Lu Zijia, who felt like her hand was being played with like a toy, glanced at the man next to her speechlessly.

This man was either pinching her face or touching her.
He indeed had ADHD!

Luo Baode subconsciously wanted to nod after hearing that, but something suddenly came to his mind and he immediately looked at Lu Zijia vigilantly.

Lu Zijia’s pure and gorgeous face was full of harmlessness and her bright eyes were full of innocence.

As if what she said just then was just a casual remark.

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However, Luo Baode, who had been tricked once, no longer believed in this little fox in sheep’s clothing.

“Tell me.
One who’s solicitous for no reason must be hiding evil intentions.
With your personality, it’s impossible for you to give me so many pills for no reason to help me break through.”

Luo Baode repressed the excitement and joy in his heart and sat down again as he said with certainty.

This d*mn girl was even more stingy than a famous miser like him.
She definitely wouldn’t take out so many pills for no reason.

This girl must be up to something!

Thinking of this, Luo Baode looked at Lu Zijia with a look like he was saying, “I’ve already seen through you.”

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Since she had already been exposed, Lu Zijia didn’t continue to beat around the bush.

So, she said without hiding anything, “Director, you’re so smart.
You’re indeed the Director of the Special Administration Office.
The Special Administration Office is truly blessed to have you leading us!”

Lu Zijia’s flattering almost made Luo Baode so happy that he flew to the sky!

However, Luo Baode still became sane at the last second and glared at Lu Zijia.
“Alright, stop flattering me.
You’re scaring me.”

Lu Zijia nodded in agreement and said seriously, “That’s true.
Director, you’re not a fawn.
It’s indeed not good to fawn on you.”

Luo Baode, “…”

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