The TV said that as long as you held on to a powerful person, you would be able to dominate this world.
You could even walk domineeringly like a crab.
How wonderful!

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Of course, she also had to improve her cultivation level as soon as possible.
After all, the strong preyed on the weak in every world.
The weak were destined to die quickly.

So, in order to be someone who lived a long life, she still had to cultivate well.

Mu Tianyan, who was entrusted with a heavy responsibility by Lu Zijia: “…” A powerful person… Shouldn’t it be her husband?

What his wife said was truly unique!

Mu Yunhao, who was listening to their conversation quietly: “…” Madame was pretending to be weak to take advantage again.

And the Second Master even cooperated with Madame.
He was truly… showing off his affection!

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“Here, these are for you.”

Lu Zijia took out six jade bottles the size of three fingers from the space and put them all in Mu Tianyan’s arms.

There were five pills in each of these six jade bottles.
Together, there were a total of 30 pills, 15 Xuanyun Pills and Vitality Pills each.

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Mu Yunhao looked at Lu Zijia’s pocket with a weird gaze.
Apparently, he was a bit confused and didn’t understand how her pocket could hold so many things.

And nothing was exposed at all.
How strange.

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Lu Zijia noticed Mu Yunhao’s strange gaze, but she had no intention of explaining.

After a while when she could draw Space Inscription or Storage Talisman, she would be able to explain it.

As for the fact that she had the Ancient Space… the less people knew, the better.
After all, the Ancient Space was too God-defying.
Even the almighty cultivators in the cultivation world would be tempted.

Let alone in this world that lacked spiritual energy.

Mu Tianyan also noticed that there was something strange about his wife’s pocket, but he didn’t look into it.

He was waiting.
He was waiting for the day his wife took the initiative to tell him.
He was willing to wait even if it was a year, a decade, or even a few decades, as long as… she didn’t leave him.

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“Did you make these pills the last several days?” Mu Tianyan couldn’t help asking in astonishment.

His wife seemed to be more outstanding than he imagined.
She was so outstanding that he felt pressured.

However, this was also good.
He would only be motivated when there was pressure, which would stimulate his potential even more.


Lu Zijia nodded and didn’t hide anything.
“I’ve refined more than 50 pills these few days.
I’ll give you 30 of them and I’ll give the Director the rest.

“The Director is at the peak of level five in magic.
He’s just a bit away from breaking through to level six.”

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Hearing what she said, Mu Tianyan immediately understood what she was planning.

The Fourth Elder of the Maoshan Sect was at level six in magic.
If Luo Baode could also break through to level six, he wouldn’t have to be afraid of the Fourth Elder of the Maoshan Sect.

And yet, it was precisely because Mu Tianyan understood that, he wanted to become more powerful more desperately, so he didn’t have to rely on anyone else to protect his wife.

Mu Tianyan buried his face in the neck of the woman in his arms and said a bit gloomily, “I’m sorry.”

The powerless feeling of being unable to protect his wife made Mu Tianyan’s obsession with power grow crazily.

Noticing that the man behind her was in low spirits, Lu Zijia smiled indifferently.
“It’s alright.
You’re protecting me right now.
If you weren’t here, the Fourth Elder would have rushed in to catch me.”

Lu Zijia was telling the truth.

Besides, Mu Tianyan had already reached the peak of level four of Ancient Martial Arts at such a young age.
He was already a peerless genius.

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