“Right, right, right, I’ve also heard of Three Treasures.
They caused quite a huge furor back then.

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“Oh god! Our Goddess Ning is using the products of Three Treasures.
Is her face going to be ruined?”

“No!!! Our Goddess Ning is so beautiful.
How can her face be ruined? Absolutely not!”

“Goddess Ning, go to the hospital quickly! Please don’t ruin your face, or we’ll all be very sad!”

“Right, right, Goddess Ning, go to the hospital for a checkup quickly.
It’ll be too late if you don’t go there in time!

“Three Treasures is really too despicable.
Someone’s face has already been ruined after using their products, but they still dares to sell them.
They’ve completely gone too far!”

“Right! Let’s go to the official website of the immoral Three Treasures to seek justice for our Goddess Ning!”

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“Right! If our Goddess Ning’s face is really ruined, we’ll destroy the immoral Three Treasures!”

“I’ll go too, I’ll go too.
Wait for me!”

“+Me too! ”

“+100868! ”

Zhang Junning, who stole the limelight on the international red carpet, was originally in a pretty good mood.

However, when she saw the comments on Weibo, she immediately couldn’t stay calm.

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She immediately looked up Three Treasures on the Internet on her phone.
There was indeed news about people’s faces being ruined after using their products.
Zhang Junning couldn’t stay calm at all this time.

Her first reaction was to call the Du brothers and ask them about it.
After the Du brothers assured her repeatedly and showed the test results of those two products, she was still a bit anxious in her mind.

Feeling frustrated, she still listened to her fans’ suggestion and went to the hospital for a detailed checkup.

She was truly relieved when she found that there was no problem with her face and there weren’t any chemical side effects.

Meanwhile, after the Du brothers received Zhang Junning’s questioning call and comforted her, they found that their official website was already in chaos.

Those fast-increasing messages were basically saying that Three Treasures was immoral and that their products would ruin people’s faces.
They even said they would call the cops to catch these unscrupulous businessmen.

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Seeing those comments, the Du brothers didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and their eyes were full of frustration.

The reason why there were rumors that using the products of Three Treasures would ruin people’s faces was entirely because of their rival company.

The two of them rejected the other company that wanted to buy their company.
After a few days, their rival company started to spread rumors that were unfavorable to Three Treasures.

They even bribed a few people, asking them to say that the products of Three Treasures would ruin people’s faces.

Once this incident started, the company that was already struggling immediately became worse.

If it weren’t for the surprise from Jiajia, Three Treasures that the two of them worked so hard to operate would probably have already gone bankrupt.

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While the Du brothers were thinking about how to deal with these stirred netizens, things suddenly changed.

“Extra, extra! Everyone, come and have a look quickly.
Listen to me first!

“According to the latest news, Goddess Ning released a statement to clarify for Three Treasures that there’s nothing wrong with their products.

“Besides, Goddess Ning also released two pieces of evidence.
One of them is the test result of Three Treasures’ new products, and the other is the proof that Goddess Ning went to the hospital for a checkup.

“Those two pieces of evidence proved that there was nothing wrong with Three Treasures’ new products.

“Also, according to the doctor, Three Treasures’ new products are made with Chinese medicine.
Not only are there no problems and side effects, but they’re also good for people’s health.”

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