On the Internet, many fans had gathered to watch their idol walk the red carpet live.

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In a female dormitory of a school.

“Tut-tut, every time I watch these artists walk the red carpet, I feel like my blood is boiling.

“I really wish I could wear those beautiful clothes and put on exquisite makeup in front of the cameras one day.
I don’t need to be famous.
I just want people to see my beautiful face.”

A long-haired female student said as she looked at the beautiful artists on the computer screen with envy.

“Haha, then work hard.
We believe that such a day will definitely come for you.”

Another person in the same room was already used to seeing her roommate, Xiao Mi, feel envious.

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“Right, right, you’ll definitely succeed.
When that day comes, you must give us your autograph!”

“Yeah, yeah, we all think highly of you, haha.”

The female student called Xiao Mi knew that they didn’t take what she said seriously and didn’t care either.

When she saw the figure of her idol on the computer screen, she couldn’t help feeling shocked.

“Hey, hey, hey, have you noticed that my idol seems to have become a lot fairer!”

“She must have applied a thicker foundation, or the lights are bright enough.”

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“Right, which camera nowadays doesn’t have a skin-smoothing function?”

“No, no, my idol’s face is really fairer.
Look carefully.
If the foundation is thick, her expression will definitely be a bit unnatural.

“But my idol looks so natural.
Besides, I always feel like my idol doesn’t put on any makeup at all, like she’s just makeup-free.”

“Even though you’re exaggerating a bit, Zhang Junning’s expression doesn’t seem to be stiff at all.
Besides, she looks naturally fair standing next to other artists.”

“The foundation isn’t thick and it has nothing to do with the lighting.
She must have maintained herself well.”

“Hehe, it’s also a kind of ability that my idol maintains herself well.
Other artists don’t take care of themselves as well as she does.”

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Such a similar scene and a similar conversation were playing out in countless places.
Many people even immediately asked Zhang Junning how she took care of herself under her Weibo.

More and more people started asking questions in the comments and this gradually became the trending topic on Weibo, even showing a trend of becoming the top trending topic quickly.

The Du brothers were very happy to see such an outcome.
While the Du brothers were thinking if they should take the initiative to contact Zhang Junning, they unexpectedly received a call from Zhang Junning.

The Du brothers were very excited about such an unexpected surprise.
At the same time, they were even more confident about their new product.

The reason why Zhang Junning took the initiative to call the Du family was very simple.
She was willing to endorse the new products of Three Treasures.
The condition was that the products must be given to her first when she endorsed them.

In other words, she wanted to be a super VIP customer of Three Treasures and they must give her all the products.

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The Du brothers certainly had no problem with that.
So, the two parties reached an agreement of cooperation just like that.

After hanging up the call, Zhang Junning replied to the fans’ questions on Weibo.
She even specifically explained that the products she used were from “Three Treasures.”

However, not long after her reply came out, the comments below surged.

“Goddess Ning, did you type something wrong?”

“Right, right, Goddess Ning, there were rumors a month ago that the skincare products of Three Treasures would ruin your face!”

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