Gao shook his head after hearing that with a slightly painful expression.
“I want to rest for a while.”

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The principal could understand this, so he said, “Alright, you can come back anytime when you’ve rested enough.”

Gao nodded and immediately said, “Principal, can you make an announcement at the school about what happened to Yang Qingtian? Just treat it as officially doing justice for Yang Qingtian.”

The principal agreed without thinking.
“Of course.
I failed as the principal.”

A while later, the principal, Mr.
Gao and the others also left.

And what Mr.
Gao, who left, didn’t know was that Yang Qingtian’s spirit bowed to his back solemnly and gratefully, “May Mr.
Gao live a peaceful life.”

After that, Su Chenyi also left in a daze.

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Looking at Su Chenyi’s sorrowful back, Yang Qingtian was surprisingly calm.
She even smiled with relief.

“If he loved me deeply enough, he would definitely trust me.
His love for me wasn’t as deep as I thought…”

Lu Zijia glanced at her in shock.
Apparently, she had never thought that Yang Qingtian would say such a thing.

However, she agreed with what she said in her mind.

If two people didn’t even have basic trust, they didn’t need to think about spending time with each other for a lifetime.

“Master, is it over?” Zhu Meiyi walked over with her son and asked Lu Zijia carefully.

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Lu Zijia nodded and glanced at Yang Qingtian.
“I only need to send her to reincarnation.
Do you want to go see your family?”

The first sentence was for Zhu Meiyi, and the last sentence was for Yang Qingtian.

Yang Qingtian smiled wryly and finally shook her head.
“I’ve already made them sad enough.
I don’t want them to be sad for me one more time.”

The people she felt most sorry for in this life were her parents and her brother, who truly loved her.
She couldn’t be filial to her parents and return her brother’s love in this life, so she could only repay them in the next.

She only hoped that they could still be a family in her next life…

Lu Zijia wasn’t surprised by her decision, as if she had already expected it.

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Lu Zijia quickly made a series of movements with her hands, opening the gateway to hell for Yang Qingtian to reincarnate.


Lu Zijia said to Yang Qingtian.

Yang Qingtian looked around the school she had studied in for four years with a reluctant gaze.
The resentment lingering on her spirit was dissipating quickly.

After a while, her spirit became almost completely transparent and also restored the purity she had when she was alive at the same time.

“I’m sorry.”

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When Yang Qingtian was about to enter the gateway, a young man’s voice sounded behind her.
That voice was full of guilt.
“I shouldn’t have scolded you with those people without knowing the situation clearly.
I’m sorry.”

Jiang Haotian looked in the direction Lu Zijia was looking at and lowered his head, apologizing guiltily for his irresponsible behavior.

Yang Qingtian turned around and glanced at Jiang Haotian.
She smiled and didn’t say anything.

Seeing Yang Qingtian enter the gateway, Lu Zijia looked away and said to Zhu Meiyi, “She’s already gone.
Please transfer the money to my card!”

“Alright, thank you, Master.
Thank you, Master.” Zhu Meiyi nodded and thanked her continuously.

After Lu Zijia left, Jiang Haotian asked his mother with red eyes, “Mom, do you think Sister Yang has forgiven me?”

Zhu Meiyi sighed and caressed her son’s head as she comforted him, “You already know your mistake.
As long as you don’t make the same mistake again in the future, I believe Sister Yang will forgive you.”

It was indeed true that cyber violence could kill people invisibly.
She only hoped that her son could always remember this lesson and stop part of cyber violence.

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