“Right, I really pity Yang Qingtian.
Yang Qingtian didn’t deserve to die.
It’s too unjust.”

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“Ah, Yang Qingtian is a typical case of ‘The Farmer and the Viper.’ I used to think it was just a story.
I didn’t expect to see it with my own eyes today.”

“Ah, I know right!”

People discussed furiously and sympathetically.
As one of the main people involved, Li Yunzi’s face was already covered with tears at this moment and the pain in her heart almost drowned her.

As Lu Zijia talked about one incident after another, scenes of the past appeared in her mind, Yang Qingtian’s trust, Yang Qingtian’s care for her, and Yang Qingtian’s kindness to her.

But in the end, she still couldn’t resist the jealousy and greed in her heart.

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She was jealous of how good Yang Qingtian was, jealous that Yang Qingtian had a good family background and was jealous of Yang Qingtian’s excellence.
She was greedy for everything Yang Qingtian had, including Su Chenyi, who was extremely gentle to Yang Qingtian.

All of this jealousy and greed made her completely forget how well Yang Qingtian treated her.

The jealousy and greed in her heart made her lose a best friend who treated her extremely well and she even became a murderer who killed her best friend with her own hands!

“Hahaha! I’m a murderer! I’m a murderer! Hahaha!”

Li Yunzi burst into laughter without any warning, but her laughter was full of sorrow and regret.

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Seeing that she could still laugh at this point, the resentment in Su Chenyi’s eyes became even stronger.

If he wasn’t still being held by someone, he would have rushed up and strangled her to death.

People around despised and reproached Li Yunzi even more.
They all hoped that someone like her, who repaid kindness with ingratitude, could die alone in prison.

“She regrets it.”

Seeing Li Yunzi laugh, Yang Qingtian wasn’t as furious as the others.
Instead, she smiled, but this smile was full of ridicule.

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After spending so much time with Li Yunzi, Yang Qingtian still had some understanding of her, even if she didn’t see her true color.
She certainly saw the pain and regret in her eyes.

“I’m a murderer.
I’m a murderer.
I’ve become a murderer…”

Li Yunzi seemed to have gone mad as she mumbled to herself with red eyes, “But I’ve never thought of taking her life.
I’ve never thought of killing her.
I wanted to pull her back, but I failed.
I failed to pull her back.
She jumped down.
She really jumped down!

“There was so much blood.
I was so scared.
I was so scared.
I dream about it every night.
I dream that there’s so much blood on my hand every night.
There’s really so much blood.
I can’t wash it away.
I can’t wash it away no matter what…

“Just like the blot on my character, just like I’m a murderer, I won’t be able to wash it away.
I won’t be able to wash it away forever.
It’s useless to regret.
It’s useless to regret.
She won’t come back to life.
She won’t come back to life!”

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In the end, Li Yunzi broke down and covered her face with her hands, as if she was avoiding the fact that she killed her best friend with her own hands.

“Take her away!”

The leader of the policemen, who brought Liang Weishu down from the roof, waved his hand when he saw that things were almost ending, signaling his subordinates to take Li Yunzi away.

After Li Yunzi and Liang Weishu were taken away, everyone discussed for a while more and gradually left.

It was still crowded just then, but there were only a few people left now, including Su Chenyi, Mr.
Gao, the mother and son of the Jiang family, the principal and a few other teachers.

“Old Gao, the school has misunderstood you.
As the principal, I failed you.
I apologize to you here.
I’m sorry, Old Gao.
I wonder if you’re still willing to return to the school as a good teacher?”

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