Liang Weishu truly regretted it, or he wouldn’t have quit school voluntarily after Yang Qingtian passed away.

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However, even if he regretted and blamed himself right now, it was useless, because Yang Qingtian couldn’t possibly come back to life.

He would bear this guilt for the rest of his life.
At the same time, he had to pay the price for what he did.

Even if he wasn’t the culprit.

“She? Who is she?” Yang Qingtian stared at Liang Weishu firmly with her bright red eyes, like a demon.

“Yunzi, it’s Li Yunzi.
She paid me to do that.”

Liang Weishu still revealed the culprit after all, and the identity of the culprit made Yang Qingtian’s heart shake abruptly.

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Yang Qingtian almost blurted out.
The black fog on her body surged to the sky, causing a chilly wind to blow in the small house.

“It’s true, it’s true.
I’m not lying.
Li Yunzi really paid me to do that.

“I’m from the same village as Li Yunzi.
A month ago, she suddenly came to find me and said that someone stole her role.
She was furious, so she asked me to spread rumors about you for her.”

The chilly wind in the room made Liang Weishu even more terrified in his mind.
His face was so pale that he looked like he would pass out at any moment.

He was afraid that Yang Qingtian wouldn’t believe him, so he could only tell her why Li Yunzi came to him for help back then.

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“In the beginning, she said she only wanted to give you a small lesson and that she wouldn’t cause a huge problem.

“I thought since you were in the entertainment industry anyway.
There would be rumors about you sooner or later, so I helped her.

“When things got out of hand, I immediately regretted it.
I even went to find Li Yunzi, but she wasn’t willing to stop.
She even threatened me and asked me to continue discrediting you.

“I didn’t do it on purpose.
I really didn’t mean to kill you.

“I thought it was just a small rumor.
I never thought this rumor would get bigger and bigger… I really didn’t expect it.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Many people thought that it was just a small matter, but they had never thought that a small matter would become an irreversible one.

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Liang Weishu only understood this after seeing Yang Qingtian jump off the building and die with his own eyes.

So, he regretted, felt guilty and blamed himself, but no matter how much he regretted and blamed himself, it couldn’t change the fact that he was an accomplice.

“Yunzi, Li Yunzi… Li… Yun… Zi! Hahaha, Li Yunzi, my best friend did it! My best friend drove me to death, hahaha…”

Yang Qingtian seemed to be possessed at this moment.
Her entire body was shrouded in black fog, as if she was turning into a devil from hell that killed without blinking.

But her laughter was so sad that it made people want to cry.

“Four years, we lived in the same room for four years.
Our relationship was like that of real sisters, like real sisters… How ironic, how ironic.

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“How cruel.
Li Yunzi is truly cruel.
People say that ghosts are scary, but in my opinion, people are more terrifying than ghosts… Master, don’t you think so?”

Yang Qingtian looked at Lu Zijia on the side.
Two streaks of bright red tears rolled down her blood-red eyes.

Lu Zijia shrugged.
She neither agreed nor disagreed.
“There are good and evil people, so do ghosts.”

“Good and evil?”

Yang Qingtian showed a sad smile and her voice was full of sorrow.
“So, am I unlucky in this life, so I met some bad people?

“Master, can you make me luckier in my next life, so I won’t meet bad people again?”

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