Chapter 504 Kneel and Apologize

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“It’s not my father’s fault.
I said something wrong.
I’ll apologize to Miss Gu right now.”

The young woman didn’t want to see her father humiliated again, so she mustered the courage to stand out from behind her father and said with her head lowered.

She immediately bowed to Gu Nian and apologized sincerely.
“I’m sorry, Miss Gu.
I said something wrong.
Please be kind and forgive me.”

Seeing his daughter like this, the middle-aged man was both gratified and heartbroken.
It was all because he was useless as a father.
If something hadn’t happened to the company, he wouldn’t have come here and beg people everywhere humbly.

And his daughter wouldn’t have come to the banquet with him because she was worried about him.

“What do you mean? Do you know how to speak? If my daughter doesn’t forgive you, she’ll be a despicable person?

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“Now, you offended someone by saying something wrong, but you still forced my daughter to forgive you.
You’re truly shameless!”

Dong Meilan didn’t become soft-hearted at all because of the young woman’s apology.

She had already been angered by Lu Zijia just then.
And now, this father and daughter undoubtedly ran into trouble by themselves.
If she didn’t vent all the anger in her heart, how would she possibly let it go?

“I… I didn’t… I didn’t mean that.
I…” The young woman looked anxious, as if she was about to cry because of Dong Meilan’s sharp words.

“I don’t care what you meant.
It’s fine if you want me to forgive you.
Kneel down.
Just kneel down and apologize to me.
I’ll forgive you when I’m satisfied.”

Gu Nian interrupted the young woman in disgust.
She looked down at the young woman by taking advantage of her height, as if she was looking at an ant that could be crushed easily.

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“You… I…”

The young woman’s face immediately turned pale and there was a furious and aggrieved look in her eyes.

She only heard a classmate talk about Gu Nian.
She said that Gu Nian was totally incapable.
Not only did she almost bankrupt her classmate’s family, but she also caused her classmate’s father to be hospitalized.

So, when she heard people compliment and flatter Gu Nian just then, she couldn’t help but say a few sarcastic words.

She had never thought that she would bring such a huge trouble to her and her father.

“I asked you to kneel and apologize.
Didn’t you hear me?”

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Seeing that the young woman and the middle-aged man didn’t move, Gu Nian immediately became sullen.

“Pretty girl, I think you should apologize to Master Gu quickly.
If you anger Master Gu, you and your father will definitely suffer.”

“Right, Master Gu is highly-skilled and powerful.
How can you offend her at will?”

“Master Gu is already showing mercy to you by asking you to kneel and apologize.
How dare you still hesitate?”

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The two young men and a middle-aged man who came in with Gu Nian talked in unison on the side.

They sounded like it was a kind of blessing as Gu Nian was willing to make them kneel and apologize.
The middle-aged man was so enraged that his face turned green and pale.
He even clenched his fists tightly, apparently trying his best to suppress the anger that was about to explode.

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“Why aren’t you kneeling? Do you want us to press you down to kneel?”

A young man with yellow messy hair like a chicken’s nest on his head said to the young woman and her father in an unfriendly tone with an arrogant look.

“I’ve already apologized.”

The young woman was also stubborn.
Even though she was scared in her mind, she still stood upright unyieldingly.

She was right.
If Gu Nian was really capable, how would her classmate’s family almost be broken?

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