That was because this incident became the most embarrassing blot on her character in her entire life.

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If this spread out, she would become the laughing stock of the Special Administration Office of Capital.


Thinking that people would laugh at her about this from now on, she couldn’t wait to beat these two old evil spirits in front of her eyes until their souls shattered so that they couldn’t reincarnate forever!


The delighted Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost didn’t notice the viciousness in Tong Kexin’s eyes.


However, Lu Zijia saw Tong Kexin’s reaction without missing a detail and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly to a curve with a touch of ridicule.


Such an ungrateful person probably wouldn’t go far in the future.


“Fellow Tong, are you okay?”

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After Jin Junyi collected himself with difficulty and could finally move, he dragged his severely injured body to Tong Kexin to check on her.


He found that apart from absorbing the Yin energy and a small amount of Yang energy from her, the two evil spirits didn’t do anything else to her, which made Jin Junyi relieved in his mind.


Even though he didn’t agree with what Tong Kexin did, she came here for a mission with him after all.
If something happened to her, he, as the team leader, would be responsible for it.


“I’m fine.”


Tong Kexin had extremely strong self-respect, so she certainly wasn’t willing to admit that she wasn’t really good right now.


The few spots on her body, where the Grandpa Ghost hit with his crutch, even had scorching and unbearable pain.
Even moving just a little, she was already in so much pain that she was drenched in cold sweat.

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After hearing that, Jin Junyi didn’t focus on Tong Kexin anymore.
Instead, he took the opportunity to see if they could all leave this place quietly while the two ghosts weren’t paying attention.


However, when he was planning secretly and did a hand gesture to signal Fei Dingshan and his family nearby to leave quietly, a voice that caught him off guard suddenly sounded.


“Hi, Grandpa, Grandma.
After such chaos, you must be exhausted.
Why don’t you sit down and take a rest?”


Lu Zijia, who had been ignored by everyone, became the only focus of all the people present at this moment.


Of course, everyone’s reaction was different.


Fei Dingshan and his family still hadn’t recovered from the shock and they looked at Lu Zijia as if she was a brave warrior who wasn’t afraid of dying.

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Tong Kexin and Che Zhibin secretly rebuked Lu Zijia for her stupidity for catching the attention of the two evil spirits at this moment.


However, it was also good that Lu Zijia attracted the attention of the two evil spirits so that they would have one more chance of escaping.


When his plan failed, Jin Junyi looked frustrated and there was a hint of reproach in his eyes when he looked at Lu Zijia.


They were already in such a situation.
Why did Lu Zijia have no sense of urgency? Why didn’t he know that Lu Zijia was such a courageous person in the past?


Lu Zijia ignored everyone’s weird gaze and directly walked to the coffee table, taking out two disposable cups from below and pouring a cup of tea for Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost herself.


“Grandpa, Grandma, please have some tea.”

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Lu Zijia got up and did a “please” posture at the two old people, doing what they called “respecting the elders” in their pet phrase.


As expected, Grandma Ghost and Grandpa Ghost nodded in satisfaction with a smile on their old faces.


“Great, great, it’s really not easy to have such a well-behaved little girl like you!” Grandpa Ghost, who sat down and “sipped” the tea, shook his head and exclaimed.


“Grandpa, Grandma, please forgive me for being rude.
You seem like you used to be kind, easygoing, and warm-hearted people when you were alive, but why do you have such strong dark energy right now?


“I can see that you didn’t get the dark energy in your bodies by killing people but was formed by yourselves.”

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