Chapter 497 The Effect of the Whitening Facial Masks (1)

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At night.

At Madam Gu’s birthday banquet.

The status of the Gu family in the capital was not low, so the people invited to the banquet were all reputable people in the city.

Many people had already arrived at the huge banquet venue.
Most of the men came with their wives or children.

“Ah, it’s so nice to see you, Madam Song.
I didn’t expect you to come to Madam Gu’s banquet either.”

“Right, I really didn’t expect this.
When I heard that something happened to your family, I thought you wouldn’t be in the mood to come to such a banquet!”

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People at the banquet were basically divided into groups of men and women, talking about business or chatting.

So, not long after arriving at the banquet, Fang Yueqiu separated from her husband and son and came to the female side to greet people she knew.

Unexpectedly, before she walked over, someone had already noticed her and they mocked her in a weird tone.

Fang Yueqiu was a bit angry in her mind, but she was still putting up a faint, dignified smile on the outside, so no one could find any fault with her.

“Do you two know how to speak humanely? If you don’t, go home and learn quickly!”

Before Fang Yueqiu said anything, a woman in a light blue dress stood up for her first.
This woman in a light blue dress was Fang Yueqiu’s best friend, Mao Yahui.
They were also university classmates.

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“Yueqiu, these people are just jealous of you.
Ignore them and let them suffer alone.”

Mao Yahui walked over and held Fang Yueqiu’s arm, saying loudly on purpose.

Apparently, she said this intentionally for the two women who mocked Fang Yueqiu in a weird tone.

“Madam Zhang, aren’t you going a bit too far? We were just worried about the situation of Madam Song’s family and we only cared about her out of kindness.
Why did you say that we can’t speak humanely?” One of the women who secretly mocked Fang Yueqiu, Madam Ma, said with an unpleasant look.

“Right, is it wrong for us to care about Madam Song?” Another slightly chubby woman, Madam Wu, also agreed with an unfriendly look.

“What a joke.
Care about her? Do people like you care about others?” Mao Yahui had always been a straightforward person.
She didn’t hide the disdain on her face in front of Madam Ma and Madam Wu at all.

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“Thank you for your concern.
My family is fine and we’re all doing well.” Fang Yueqiu spoke before Madam Ma did.

“Yahui, let’s sit over there.”

After Fang Yueqiu finished speaking to the two women, she then pointed at the couch not far away and said to her best friend holding her arm with a smile.

Before leaving, she didn’t forget to nod at the two women politely.
“Yueqiu, why are you still so good-tempered? Those two people always act weird when they see you.
If I were you, I would have pointed at their noses and scolded them.”

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After sitting down, Mao Yahui said a bit furiously.
Fang Yueqiu smiled and patted her back, telling her not to be angry.
“There’s nothing to be angry about.
We don’t see them often anyway.”

Hearing her best friend’s words, which she had been saying for a long time, Mao Yahui rolled her eyes speechlessly.

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“I’d better not talk about this topic, in case it makes me feel uncomfortable.” Mao Yahui clutched her chest, looking like she “surrendered.”

“I know you’re doing this for my own good, but there’s really no need to argue with them.” Fang Yueqiu couldn’t help but smile when she saw that her best friend was still the same as she was back then.

“Alright, alright, just let it go… Hey, Yueqiu, why do I feel like you’ve become a lot fairer?”

Mao Yahui, who originally had a frustrated look, suddenly noticed that her best friend’s face, which could never be fair no matter what before, suddenly became much fairer!

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