Lu Zijia, who collected herself from the fantasy world, immediately felt a strong spiritual energy rushing at her face.

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Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling startled in her mind.
She looked up and found that the room Mu Tianyan brought her to was his bedroom!

Why did this guy bring her to his bedroom? Besides, why did this guy’s bedroom have such strong spiritual energy?

Seeing his wife standing at the door with her eyeballs rolling around, but not going in, Mu Tianyan couldn’t help but laugh in his mind and he could only take the initiative to drag her in.

“Madam, what do you think of this bedroom?”

Mu Tianyan asked casually as he took her to the closet.

Even if Lu Zijia was smart, she still didn’t quite understand what he meant by this.

“Pretty good.” Since she couldn’t figure it out, she could only answer vaguely.
She shouldn’t be wrong.

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“Pretty good.” Since she couldn’t figure it out, she could only answer vaguely.
She shouldn’t be wrong.

However, Mu Tianyan frowned after hearing her reply.
“So, what kind of decoration do you like, Madam?”

Lu Zijia even felt that her brain wasn’t working well.
“As long as it looks comfortable.”

For cultivators, they just needed a safe and comfortable place to cultivate.
As for decorations, they really wouldn’t care about it.

Mu Tianyan suddenly felt that his wife was so easy to provide for.

While the two of them were talking, Mu Tianyan pushed open the door of the closet and opened another cabinet, revealing the password keyboard inside.

Mu Tianyan didn’t hide anything.
He entered the password in front of Lu Zijia and scanned the fingerprint of his thumb.

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Mu Tianyan took his wife’s hand and scanned her fingerprint inside.

Lu Zijia was dumbfounded.
   What exactly was this man trying to do?

“I’ve already scanned your fingerprint inside, Madam.
You can open it yourself next time.” Mu Tianyan looked at the dumbfounded girl next to him and explained with a smile.

Lu Zijia:           This man allowed her to come here.
Wasn’t he afraid that she would steal the things inside and run away?

So, this man was so mysterious just because he wanted to bring her here to see his property?

“Boom! Boom!”

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At this moment, the closet that occupied half of the wall moved aside slowly, revealing a door.

The door was locked with a password.
Mu Tianyan entered the password in front of Lu Zijia again.


Mu Tianyan pushed the door open and went inside, showing everything in the room behind the closet before Lu Zijia’s eyes.

The hidden room was about 60 square meters and there were a lot of things on the shelves on both sides.

On one side were precious herbs and on the other were all kinds of cold weapons.

In the middle were two large wooden chests that could contain a grown man.

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And the spiritual energy Lu Zijia sensed before came from these two wooden chests.

Mu Tianyan didn’t keep her in suspense.
He directly went over and opened the two wooden chests, revealing the emeralds that filled the two chests.

“Do you like them, Madam?” Mu Tianyan looked at his wife with anticipation.

Lu Zijia blinked.
“I do.” She liked them so much that she even wanted to move them into her Ancient Space secretly.

This man knew that she liked emeralds, but he still lured her with so many of them.
He was really testing her self-control!

Seeing her sparkling eyes staring at the emeralds directly, Mu Tianyan’s originally nervous heart immediately relaxed.

“These are for you, Madam.
When you want to use these emeralds, you can come in and get them anytime.”

As long as she came in a few times more, he would always be able to find an opportunity to persuade her to move into this room.

By then, their relationship as husband and wife would be real..

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