Chapter 487 Products That Would Ruin People’s Face? (2)


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Excitement was written all over Ye Nanxi’s face as she invited Lu Zijia into the van with a beaming smile.
“Master Lu, why did you come to see me?

“This time… It can’t be that I still have something on me, right?”

Ye Nanxi suddenly thought of something and her expression immediately froze.
She didn’t even dare to move her body.

Lu Zijia glanced at her speechlessly.
“You think too much.”

There weren’t many evil spirits in this world, because once the evil spirits were too strong, Hell would send spirit cops to catch them.

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As for Taoist Masters who did evil, there should be even fewer of them.
After all, Taoist Masters would suffer even more condemnation than ordinary people if they did evil.

“I’m here to give you something this time.”

Lu Zijia gave the last set of skincare products in her hands to Ye Nanxi.

Ye Nanxi treated Lu Zijia as her idol completely.
And now, her idol was giving her a present, so she was extremely excited and happy.

“Thank you, Master Lu.
I like it very much.”

Ye Nanxi took the bag carefully and said she liked it without even looking at it.

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Lu Zijia looked at the time and thought that it was getting late, so she left quickly.

Ye Nanxi sent her out of the crew reluctantly.
As soon as she turned around, she saw her manager behind her and couldn’t help but be startled.

“Sister Qin, why are you standing behind me to scare me? Don’t you know that you can scare people to death?”

Ye Nanxi patted her chest as she heaved a sigh of relief with lingering fear.

Seeing that she really seemed to be frightened, Qin Zheng couldn’t help but laugh.
“When did you become so cowardly?

“And who was that person you just sent away? I don’t remember this person in the crew.”

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“It’s Master Lu, my savior and the number one idol of my life!” Ye Nanxi raised her chin and said with an honored look.

Qin Zheng: “…” Master Lu? Why did it sound like the name of a fraud?

“Why are you buying random skincare products again? Your face is already bad enough.
If you get an allergy again, you’ll have to go to the hospital.”

Qin Zheng saw Ye Nanxi take out some unknown branded skincare products from the bag and she immediately said with a frustrated look.
She immediately reached out and wanted to take the things away.
However, Ye Nanxi dodged her hand this time and held the things firmly in her arms.
“No, these are things that my idol gave me in person.
I definitely can’t let you take them away from me!”
As long as they were given to her by her idol, even if those were skincare products from a less known brand, they were still treasures! She definitely couldn’t give them away!

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Seeing how protective Ye Nanxi was, Qin Zheng completely lost her temper.
“Forget it, forget it.
Use it if you want.
Don’t blame me for not reminding you if your face is ruined.”

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Ye Nanxi didn’t care about her reminder at all and she carried the things happily back to the van.

After leaving the filming set, Lu Zijia took a cab back to the old mansion of the Mu family.
Unexpectedly, she encountered the second traffic jam that she had had after coming to this world!

Noticing that there was dark energy floating nearby, Lu Zijia suddenly felt a bit tired in her mind!

At the same time, she was thinking if she should send a text message to Mu Tianyan first, in case that guy found an excuse to take advantage of her again.

“Ah, young people nowadays… I don’t know what they’re thinking.
They always want to commit suicide and jump off a building.
They have no idea how sad their parents, who raised them, would be.”

The driver in front leaned on the steering wheel and looked up for a while, shaking his head and talking to himself as he sighed..

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