Chapter 485 Found in the Trash


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The Du family.

“Jiajia, these are the products made by those bottles of ointment.
The whitening ointments are made into whitening facial masks and the acne removal ointments are made into acne removal solutions.
The effects are
all controlled within a reasonable range.”

Du Jinli pointed at the two large cardboard boxes on the coffee table and explained to his niece in a good mood.

He immediately took out two pieces of paper from his body and said, “These two are the test results.
The two ointments don’t have any side effects and they won’t stimulate or hurt the skin.
They’re simply amazing!
“Jia, you’re really the blessing of the Du family.
Come, give me a hug quickly so I can get some of your luck.”

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After saying something serious, Du Jinli immediately fooled around again and didn’t look serious at all.

Lu Zijia looked at her uncle, who opened his arms to her: “…” What was this feeling of being treated like a kid?

“Go, go, go, move aside.
That’s Jiajia’s luck.
If you dare to take it away from her, I’ll punish you according to the family rules!” Old Lady Du slapped the back of her son’s head without hesitation.

Du Jinli intentionally cried exaggeratedly.
“Mom, can’t you be gentler? You must have found me in the trash.”

Old Lady Du said seriously, “No, I found you in the toilet.”

“Pfft! Hahaha…”

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As soon as Old Lady Du said that, everyone present couldn’t help laughing.
Even Old Lady Du herself couldn’t hold back her laughter.

And Du Jinli, who was found in the toilet: “…” He really wasn’t her son!

Lu Zijia’s few bottles of ointment made more than 500 facial masks and more than 400 small bottles of acne removal solution.

After checking that there were no problems with the products, Lu Zijia took away some whitening facial masks and acne removal solution and asked her two uncles not to look for any celebrities as their spokesperson
for the time being.

It would be a waste if she didn’t use a free spokesperson.
She was a good young lady who liked to save resources and would never waste them.
She must stick to that to the end.

The Song family.

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“Madam, Master Lu gave you this.”

A servant walked into the living room and handed a small bag in her hands to Fang Yueqiu.

Fang Yueqiu, who was originally reading a magazine, immediately put it down and took the bag after hearing that as she asked anxiously, “Master Lu is here? Why didn’t you invite her in?
“Hurry, go prepare more snacks for her.
Also, prepare more fruits and use the best tea.”

Fang Yueqiu quickly instructed the servant as she rushed to the door.

The servant quickly stopped her.
“Madam, Master Lu left after asking me to give you the things.
She seems to have something else to do.”

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“Ah? I see…”

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Hearing that Lu Zijia had already left, Fang Yueqiu couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed, but she soon put her attention on the small bag in her hands.

Things that Master Lu gave her must be something good.

Thinking of this, Fang Yueqiu sat back on the couch and took out the things in the bag.

“Hm? Skincare products? New products from Three Treasures? Hasn’t Three Treasures stopped launching new products for more than ten years? Why are they suddenly making some new products?”
Looking at the box of whitening facial masks and a bottle of acne removal solution in her hands, Fang Yueqiu couldn’t help feeling confused.

If she remembered correctly, something happened to the products of Three Treasures a while ago.
It seemed that they would ruin her face if she used them?

Uh… Why would Master Lu suddenly give her skincare products? And they were even from Three Treasures.

Looking at the things in her hands, Fang Yueqiu struggled..

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