Chapter 484 Be Careful Not to Be Eaten


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Song Zixuan: “!!!” He indeed shouldn’t try reasoning with this woman!

“I’ve helped you so much today.
Shouldn’t you express your gratitude?”

Such as promising that she wouldn’t scare him with ghosts again in the future.

However, Lu Zijia didn’t cooperate and she said lazily, “I already did.”

Song Zixuan was startled and he blurted out, “When? Why didn’t I know?”

Did she do so when he was drunk and in a daze? But why didn’t he remember any of that?

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“Blow, blow, my pride indulges…”

Lu Zijia’s sudden singing made Song Zixuan, who was caught off guard, twist for a second.

“Stop, stop, stop!”

Song Zixuan stopped Lu Zijia from continuing to sing loudly in devastation.
“Why are you suddenly singing? Haven’t you sung enough before?”

He had just been tortured by this voice that sounded like pigs being slaughtered for half an hour not long ago.
If it happened again now, he would really cry!
“You asked me when I expressed my gratitude.
I’m just trying to help you remember.”

After saying that, Lu Zijia stopped talking nonsense with him and walked to the side of the road to wait for the car.

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This unlucky man was truly ungrateful.
It was his honor of a few lifetimes to have her, who used to be the Master of Golden Core, sing for him! He dared to feel disgusted by it.
He was truly a man with no taste.

Song Zixuan, who was categorized as someone with no taste: “!!!” That was obviously a division of labor, but this woman actually shamelessly took it as a gesture of expressing her gratitude! Don’t be too thick-skinned,

At this moment, Song Zixuan suddenly had the urge to capsize the boat of friendship again!

When the car arrived, Lu Zijia quickly got into the car.
“Alright, I’m leaving.
We’re going different ways.
Get another car!”

Lu Zijia said as she waved at him with a smile.
Before the car started, she suddenly reminded Song Zixuan, “You’re going to have a romantic encounter.
Be careful not to be eaten.”
Song Zixuan, who was left holding the door there mercilessly: “…”

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Why did he still want to be friends with this heartless and unreasonable woman???

Eh? Wait!

What did she mean by being careful not to be eaten when he had a romantic encounter? Even if he had a romantic encounter, he would be the one eating the person, alright?

The word “bad” was completely ignored…

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Chu Ming was very helpful in the follow-up of Jin Jiahao’s incident.
Together with the witness and ironclad evidence, Bai Xiao was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional murder.
The husband and wife of the Bai family, who covered up for their son’s crime, were also sentenced to jail one by one.

People who knew about this were pleased with the result.

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Lu Zijia, who had no business these few days, went out to buy a batch of jade stones and threw them into the Ancient Space.
She immediately became a pauper again.

However, what made her relieved was that the Ancient Space only needed 10% more spiritual energy to level up!

10%, only 10%.
This really made her toes curl!

So, Lu Zijia, who was sitting cross-legged on the grass with her chin on her hand, suddenly had the urge to rob Mu Tianyan and the others again.

Ah, no, it wasn’t a robbery.
After all, she helped them improve their weapons last time.
A lot of labor was involved.
It definitely wasn’t a robbery.

However, they seemed to only have one weapon each and there was no other weapon for her to draw inscriptions on.
She could usually only draw one inscription on this kind of mortal weapon.
If she drew too much
on it, it would break.

So… it was really not easy to make money!

While she was thinking about how to make money, the Du family called her..

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