Chapter 479: Live Broadcast of the Murderer Telling the Truth (4)


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However, Jin Jiahao wasn’t threatened as he wished.
Instead, it made an opposite effect and deepened Jin Jiahao’s resentment towards him.

“Hal Instead of being imprisoned and unable to reincarnate, I’d rather have my soul shattered!”

‘Wisps of black gas emerged from Jin Jiahao’s body, looking like he was demonized.
“Bai Xiao, you haven’t forgotten how you knocked me down and came back to run over me repeatedly after that, have you?
“Today, I’ll let you experience how I felt when you repeatedly ran over me back then!”

‘As soon as he spoke, Jin Jiahao grabbed Bai Xiao’s neck with his bloody hands and threw him onto the ground abruptly.

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And in the eyes of others, Bai Xiao only fell on the ground himself.

Everyone present looked at Bai Xiao’s terrified and crazy look and couldn’t help looking at each other.
They didn’t understand why Bai Xiao, who was fine just now, suddenly seemed to have lost his mind.
“Theard Master Bai talking about a ghost just then? Is he hallucinating because he’s drunk?” A woman present couldn’t help whispering.

Hearing what she said, the others all agreed.

“Tve hung out with Master Bai many times and this is the first time I’ve seen him like this.”

“Is Master Bai hallucinating because of alcohol poisoning?”

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“You idiot, if it’s alcohol poisoning, Master Bai will directly collapse!”

“Then, what’s going on? Master Bai can’t really be seeing a ghost, can he?”

“Have you lost your mind? What era is it now? A Ghost? You’re really getting worse as you live!”

‘When Liang Lisi, who was hiding in the crowd, heard Bai Xiao say the word “ghost,” her face immediately turned pale.
After seeing the series of strange behavior of Bai Xiao, she became even more uneasy in her mind.
Hearing the discussion of these people, the red color on his face immediately faded and there was obvious fear in his slightly widened eyes.

Lu Zijia had been paying attention to Liang Lisi, so she certainly saw the changes in her expression.

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According to the information given to her by the Director, Liang Lisi was very likely to be in the car when Bai Xiao hit Jin Jiahao.

From Liang Lisi’s reaction now, she was certain that Liang Lisi was probably really in the car at that time and witnessed the process of Bai Xiao committing the crime with her own eyes.

“No, no, no, don’t! Don’t kill me.
I have money.
I have money.
I’ll give you money.
As long as you don’t kill me, you can have as much money as you want.”

‘The moment Bai Xiao was thrown to the ground by Jin Jiahao, he wanted to struggle and run for his life.
However, before he could get up, he felt a strong force pressing on his body, making it difficult for him to breathe.
This feeling of suffocation made him recall the scene where he repeatedly ran over Jin Jiahao back then.

Did Jin Jiahao, who was run over by him repeatedly with the car back then, feel suffocated like he did right now?

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No, that wasn’t right.
Jin Jiahao should have already been killed by him at that time.
Jin Jiahao wouldn’t feel this kind of suffocation that came from the torture of fear.

Feeling the aura of death and under the erosion of alcohol, Bai Xiao’s willpower completely collapsed and he lowered his head to yield to Jin Jiahao.

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However, what Jin Jiahao wanted wasn’t for him to yield, but for him to be punished by the law!

“Money? You’ve already killed me.
Why do O need money? Can your money bring me back to life?”

Jin Jiahao screamed at him as if his heart was being ripped apart.
At the same time, he suddenly increased the pressure on Bai Xiao.

“Tell me! I have no enmity towards you.
Why did you kill me? I died so unjustly.
I died so unjustly!”


Bai Xiao spurted out a mouthful of blood due to the sudden increase in pressure..

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