“No, Fellow Tong, Miss Lu…”

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Jin Junyi refused without thinking after hearing that, but before he finished talking, his expression suddenly changed.


Because he saw that Tong Kexin threw a Yin Gathering Talisman at Lu Zijia, who was just an ordinary person!


“Fellow Tong, you…!”


Jin Junyi wanted to stop her, but he couldn’t be in two places at once.
He couldn’t stop the Yin Gathering Talisman for Lu Zijia in time and could only watch the talisman shoot towards Lu Zijia swiftly.


Thinking that Lu Zijia would be haunted by evil spirits later and that evil spirits might even do something to her, Jin Junyi’s anxiousness all turned into a helpless sigh.


And the culprit, Tong Kexin, wasn’t worried about Lu Zijia at all and laughed instead.


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However, she soon couldn’t laugh anymore.


The Yin Gathering Talisman that was originally shooting towards Lu Zijia had bounced back when it touched Lu Zijia’s body as if it was blocked by something.


The speed of the Yin Gathering Talisman after bouncing was very high.
Tong Kexin didn’t have the chance to react at all.




Tong Kexin only felt a sudden scorching heat in her left arm, which made her scream uncontrollably.


“Junior… Junior Tong, are you alright? Why did… Why did the Yin Gathering Talisman…”


Why did it suddenly bounce back?

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Tong Kexin looked like she was in pain and her body was absorbing the Yin energy around her like crazy.
Che Zhibin’s expression immediately changed drastically, and his legs subconsciously stepped back, getting away from Tong Kexin.


When Tong Kexin realized that she had failed to harm Lu Zijia and had harmed herself instead, her face turned pale.


“Senior Che, help me remove the Yin Gathering Talisman quickly.”


Tong Kexin was anxious in her mind, so she subconsciously asked Che Zhibin for help.
However, Che Zhibin immediately took a few steps back.
He didn’t want Tong Kexin to get close to him at all.


Resentment appeared in Tong Kexin’s mind after seeing this.


He always said that he would protect her, but when she was truly in danger, he immediately avoided her out of fear!


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Tong Kexin was so enraged that she couldn’t wait to point at Che Zhibin’s nose and scold him, but she forced herself to repress her anger for her life.


“Senior Che, didn’t you say that you’ll always protect me no matter when?


“Are those promises you made before just lies?”


Tong Kexin stopped walking forward.
She stood right where she was and gazed at Che Zhibin with a pitiful face, looking like she was heartbroken.


Che Zhibin also realized how inappropriate his behavior was at this moment and his face flushed slightly.


“Of… Of course not.
I… I’m just a bit nervous.
Haha…” Che Zhibin explained out of embarrassment.


After smiling wryly, he patted his chest and promised again, “Junior Tong, don’t worry.
I still have a few Exorcizing Talismans.
I’ll use them to remove the Yin Gathering Talisman for you.”

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Che Zhibin took out three Exorcizing Talismans he bought from another warlock with a huge amount of money with heartache.


Tong Kexin was multitasking.
While paying attention to Jin Junyi’s situation, she pretended to be weak and pitiful in front of Che Zhibin.


Seeing that Jin Junyi couldn’t hold on anymore, Tong Kexin thought, ‘In for a penny, in for a pound.’


She directly rushed forward to snatch the three Exorcizing Talismans that Che Zhibin took out hesitantly and slapped them on her left shoulder.


Once the three Exorcizing Talismans were stuck on Tong Kexin’s body, more than half of the Yin energy in her immediately dissipated, but not all of it could be repelled, let alone remove the Yin Gathering Talisman completely.


This showed how powerful the effects of the Yin Gathering Talisman that Tong Kexin took out were.


In fact, Tong Kexin stole that Yin Gathering Talisman from a favored disciple before she left the sect.
Even though she knew it was a Yin Gathering Talisman, she had no idea how powerful it was.

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