Chapter 477: Live Broadcast of the Murderer Telling the Truth (2)


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“Beauty, you’re so pretty.
I love girls like you the most.
They taste good.

“Twant to sing right now.
Beauty, how about you sing with me? As long as you’re willing to sing with me, I’ll pay you.
I don’t have much else but I do have a lot of money.”

Bai Xiao stood up shakily and reached out to caress Lu Zijia’s face, but couldn’t touch anything.

Lu Zijia dodged to avoid his groping hand and said with a faint smile, “Really? I wonder if your money can keep saving you.”

She lowered her voice as she spoke.
Apart from Bai Xiao and Song Zixuan, who were closest to her, no one else heard what she said clearly.

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And Bai Xiao, whose brain was affected by the alcohol, couldn’t understand what she meant even if he heard what she said clearly.

Without waiting for Bai Xiao to continue pestering Lu Zijia, the pretty host, who showed a frightened look when she heard that Bai Xiao invited Lu Zijia to sing with him, ran over at the fastest speed and immediately wrapped herself around Bai Xiao like a spirit snake.

“Master Bai, can I sing with you? I sing well.
What do you think? Please

Apart from being afraid of being tortured by Lu Zijia’s pig-slaughtering voice, the reason why the beautiful host was so eager was certainly to get close to Bai Xiao.

Even though Bai Xiao was famous for being a playboy, who changed his woman as quickly as he changed his clothes, he was very generous to women, Every woman who followed him would get a lot of benefits.
Therefore, even though they knew that Bai Xiao was a playboy and wasn’t worth trusting, many women still tried their best to be Bai Xiao’s woman.

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The beautiful host said as she deliberately rubbed her body against Bai Xiao’s body, making Bai Xiao, who was already aroused, instantly become excited.

“Alright, alright, you’ll stay with me today.
As long as you make me happy, I’ll make you happy too.
But if you make me unhappy, I won’t let you go easily.”

Bai Xiao chuckled and pounced on the beautiful host, saying frivolous words.

Not only was the pretty host not angry at all, she even tried to please Bai Xiao and cooperated with Bai Xiao, sitting on the couch and letting those groping hands do whatever they wanted to her.
Seeing the two of them laughing as if no one else was around, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up evilly and her slender fingers moved slightly.

A spirit slowly appeared behind the beautiful host.

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“Let’s watch the show.”

Lu Zijia sat down next to Song Zixuan and slapped the back of his head.

Song Zixuan’s originally muddled mind immediately became much clearer.

At this moment, the beautiful host, who was still laughing in Bai Xiao’s arms a moment ago, was suddenly pushed away hard by Bai Xiao.


Caught off guard, the beautiful host was directly pushed to the ground and her forehead even hit the coffee table accidentally.

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“Master Bai?”

The beautiful host, who was suddenly treated like this, was dumbfounded.
Even the others, who were used to seeing Bai Xiao being temperamental, were also a bit shocked.

Instantly, everyone in the room became quiet and they looked at Bai Xiao in fear.

At this moment, Bai Xiao’s face was pale and there seemed to be a hint of fear in his eyes.

At that moment just then, he saw the face of the person he killed.
His head was bleeding and he was even crushed and flattened, looking truly horrifying.

No, no!

That master said that he had already trapped that person’s spirit on that road.
As long as he didn’t go to that road again in the future, he would be fine..

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