Chapter 476: Live Broadcast of the Murderer Telling the Truth (1)


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Everyone present and those watching the livestream all hoped that Lu Zijia could stop what she was doing, which was obviously destroying people’s eardrums, as soon as possible.

However, Lu Zijia seemed to be addicted to singing.
After she sang “Blow, blow,” she sang another song called “I want to fly high.”

In just a few minutes, the number of people watching the livestream decreased by two-thirds at an extremely fast rate… As for the remaining people, they directly turned off the sound and just looked at their looks.
The people in the room couldn’t run away because of Bai Xiao, so they could only continue to be devastated by the merciless sound of pigs being slaughtered hopelessly.

At the same time, something seemed to come to everyone’s mind.
They looked at Song Zixuan, who recommended Lu Zijia to sing, one after another, with resentment while gritting their teeth.

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If Song Zixuan didn’t push her out, they wouldn’t have to suffer so much!

Song Zixuan, who deeply felt everyone’s hostility towards him, wanted to cry.
He had no idea that Lu Zijia was tone deaf!

She had such a nice voice when she spoke.
Why did it become like a pig being slaughtered when she sang? That didn’t make sense at all!

Song Zixuan, who was so stimulated by Lu Zijia’s voice, which sounded like a pig being slaughtered, that he doubted his life.
He even kept pouring wine for Bai Xiao.
Of course, he, who doubted his life, completely forgot about pouring his own glass of wine out secretly.
Half an hour later.

Song Zixuan successfully made Bai Xiao drunk, and Song Zixuan, who forgot to pour the wine out secretly, also drank too much, but he was still a bit conscious.

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Noticing that it was about time, Lu Zijia finally stopped destroying other people’s eardrums reluctantly.

However, to be honest, singing was quite refreshing.
When she was free, she could bring the Second Master of the Mu family and the others to join in the fun.

Seeing that Lu Zijia finally stopped, everyone present and those who still insisted on watching the livestream heaved a sigh of relief, feeling like they survived.

“Why don’t you sing together? It’s so boring to sing alone!” Lu Zijia turned around and glanced at everyone as she said with a surprised look.

Everyone: “…” Bored? Why did you sing for half an hour if you felt bored?

At this moment, everyone had the urge to spurt out blood.
If Lu Zijia wasn’t brought here by Song Zixuan, they would have already held her down and beaten her up.

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“Why don’t you sing another song, Master Bai? What do you think?” The beautiful host from before suddenly suggested.

The crowd, who were afraid that they would be devastated by Lu Zijia’s voice of a slaughtered pig, immediately nodded continuously to express their agreement.
At the same time, they looked at the beautiful host with gratitude in their eyes.
Even though Master Bai didn’t sing well either, it was much better than the sound of pigs being slaughtered!

People who were watching the livestream immediately flooded the screen with 10086 likes, expressing their agreement with the suggestion of the beautiful host.

With everyone agreeing, Lu Zijia could only reluctantly give the microphone in her hand to Bai Xiao, who was already tipsy from drinking.

The drunk Bai Xiao showed his true colors.
He looked at Lu Zijia’s extremely attractive face as the obscenity in his eyes wasn’t concealed at all and exposed in front of everyone just like that.

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Everyone present was used to Bai Xiao like this, but they still couldn’t help giving a sympathetic or gloating look to Bai Xiao’s current girlfriend, Liang Lisi.

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If Liang Lisi saw Bai Xiao being seduced by another woman in the past, she would definitely start a fight immediately.

However, after what happened two weeks ago, she only wanted to stay away from Bai Xiao.
She couldn’t wait for Bai Xiao to hate her and dump her immediately.

Seeing that Bai Xiao had fallen for another woman, there was no need to mention how happy she was in her mind..

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