Chapter 472: I’m Here to Help You


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Five minutes later, Song Zixuan successfully dragged the neighbor’s son out of his bed, pushed him into the bathroom to wash up, then made him sit at the dining table to have breakfast.
Fifteen minutes later, he successfully dragged his neighbor’s son out to hang out! He also asked a bunch of friends to come.

Meanwhile, Lu Zijia also saw the dead teenager very quickly.

“You… You can see me?”

Seeing Lu Zijia walk straight towards him and stop a meter away from him, the teenager showed ecstasy on his face when he met her gaze.

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It was daytime right now.
Although there weren’t many passersby around, there were still quite a lot of cars passing by.

In order not to be treated as a lunatic talking to herself, Lu Zijia didn’t speak, but communicated with him through voice transmission.

“Your name is Jin Jiahao.
You’re 19 and are a university student.
You were hit by a car here two weeks ago.”

Lu Zijia didn’t answer the teenager’s question.
Instead, she directly told him the simple information about the teenager.

After confirming that Lu Zijia could see him and could even say his name accurately, the ecstasy on Jin Jiahao’s face became even more intense.
“Right, I’m Jin Jiahao.
I was killed by someone deliberately.
Are you here to help me?”
Jin Jiahao’s eyes were full of hope and he was very nervous at the same time, afraid that the hope that had just risen would be instantly dashed.

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During the two weeks after his death, he had been praying constantly that someone could help him redress his grievances and bring the murderer who killed him and deliberately ran over him repeatedly to justice.
Lu Zijia nodded slightly.
“The mayor asked me to help you.
I hope you can go somewhere with me and do as I say.

“As long as you do as I say, I promise I can bring your murderer to justice.”

Hearing that, Jin Jiahao immediately wanted to kneel down and thank Lu Zijia, but Lu Zijia stopped him.

Unable to kneel, Jin Jiahao bowed and thanked Lu Zijia constantly, feeling extremely grateful to her.

However, something seemed to come to his mind all of a sudden.
His original ecstasy immediately turned into ferocity and anxiety.

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“Ican’t go anywhere else.
That scumbag hired a Taoist Master to lock me up, so I can’t reincarnate or leave this road.”

Jin Jiahao’s voice was full of resentment.
His originally handsome face became even more distorted and ferocious, looking ghastly and terrifying.

If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t leave this place, he would have dragged that scumbag who deliberately knocked him down into hell with him!
That scumbag shouldn’t be alive and he didn’t deserve to live.
He should go to the eighteenth level of hell!

Lu Zijia smiled indifferently.
“Since I asked you to come with me, I certainly have a way to get you out of here.”

After saying that, she raised her slender hand and used her spiritual power to wipe off the Soul Trapping Spell on Jin Jiahao’s forehead.

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Ina luxurious private room in a high-end KTV, a group of men and women were playing happily.

Only Song Zixuan, who was sitting alone in the corner, seemed so out of place.

They had already been in this private room for half an hour, but the person he was waiting for still hadn’t arrived.

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“Master Song, didn’t you ask me to come out to play? Why are you sitting here drinking alone?”

Aslightly short man with yellow hair, holding a glass of wine in his hand, walked towards Song Zixuan like a rascal and sat next to him.

Song Zixuan frowned and moved aside without being noticed.

After returning to the country for more than six months, he had interacted with his neighbor, Bai Xiao, a few times, but because he didn’t have a good impression of Bai Xiao, they didn’t hang out together..

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