Chapter 470: You Need to be Punished


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‘Mu Tianyan got up from the wheelchair slowly and walked to her gracefully.
“Have you forgotten something?”

‘A few huge question marks immediately appeared on Lu Zijia’s head.
What did she forget? Did she forget something? No!


‘Lu Zijia shook her head with certainty

‘Mu Tianyan narrowed his deep eyes slightly, looking a bit dangerous.

Seeing him like this, Lu Zijia wondered if she really forgot something, so she thought carefully.

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“No, Ihave a good memory!”

‘Lu Zijia, who was sure that she really didn’t forget anything, looked at Mu Tianyan with a frustrated look on her face, as if she was a kid who forgot to take her medicine and was fooling around.
Mu Tianyan’s forehead suddenly twitched and he said again while gritting his teeth, “You forgot what you promised me a few days ago and you said you have a good memory?”
Without waiting for Lu Zijia to speak, Mu Tianyan directly made it clear.
“Who promised me a few days ago that she would tell me in advance the next time she senses danger?”
Lu Zijia was dumbfounded.
“I can deal with the Martial Artists Mu Liren sent to catch me.
Besides, I only went in to see Mu Liren because I knew there was no danger.”

Her deity-sense could be said to be the biggest cheat weapon.

Seeing that she replied so firmly, Mu Tianyan knew that she really didn’t feel dangerous.

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However, his wife had no idea how worried he was when he found out that she was kidnapped by the people Mu Liren sent out.

Even though he knew what his wife was capable of, he still couldn’t help worrying.
He only felt relieved when he saw her safe and sound with his own eyes.

“But I think it’s dangerous.”

‘Mu Tianyan put up a straight face and said in a serious tone, “Mu Liren sent someone to catch you.
Who knows if he has set up a trap?

“You’re confident that you can deal with it, but have you ever thought about what would happen to you if an accident happens?”

And what he was most afraid of was this accident.
He couldn’t bear the risk of losing this woman in front of him at all.

‘Lu Zijia caught the lingering fear that flashed through his eyes and her heart couldn’t help but soften and feel warm at the same time.

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However, she still felt that what he said was completely unreasonable.

First of all, she wasn’t captured.
Instead, she captured those two Martial Artists and asked them to lead the way.

Besides, she had the deity-sense.
She had sent her deity-sense out to scout around along the way.
If she had found something wrong, she would have definitely run away immediately.
After all, nothing was more important than his life, right?

‘And yet, how should she explain that she had the deity-sense? Even if she explained, would Mu Tianyan understand? Would he think that she was making up an excuse?

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For a second, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but wrinkle her whole face, looking very confused.

Looking up and meeting Mu Tianyan’s persistent gaze, Lu Zijia decided to tell him the truth in the end.
As for whether Mu Tianyan would believe her… she would see!

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Anyway, Mu Tianyan would find out about the deity-sense sooner or later after spending more time with her.

“Lhave the deity-sense.
My deity-sense is like the eyes, ears and senses of a person.
As long as I release my deity-sense to scout ahead, I’ll be able to sense if there’s danger in advance.”
Lu Zijia quickly explained and then stared into the eyes of the man in front of her.

Mu Tianyan was shocked in his mind.
He didn’t doubt if she was lying at all, but showed a speechless and indulgent look on the outside, as if he was watching a kid fool around.

“Knock it off.
Since you didn’t do what you promised, you should be punished according to our agreement back then.” Mu Tianyan said in a deep voice.

He was quite frightened by his wife.
If he didn’t “punish” her, he would waste such a good opportunity.
Lu Zijia, who had no idea what Mu Tianyan was thinking in his mind, frowned so deeply that her face almost looked like a bun when she heard what he said.

She complained in her mind, “What they agreed on was that if she can’t do what he says back then, he can deal with her as he wishes, but not punish her!”

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