Chapter 466: Master Lu Is Going to Ruin the Scumbag

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“Ican see that he’s not just losing half a hair right now.
You won’t let me go either, so I might as well drag someone down with me.
Anyway, I can’t let myself suffer losses, right?”

Lu Zijia’s chilling voice made Mu Liren and Mu Jinfeng’s hearts turn cold as well.

“No, no, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I don’t want to fly.
I don’t want to fly ever again in the future.
Please let me go.
I’m sorry! Argh!”

Seeing that he was about to fly out of the balcony uncontrollably, Mu Jinfeng was so scared that he grabbed the door firmly with both hands.

However, even if he grabbed the door, someone behind him seemed to be holding onto his legs and pulling him out.
He was so scared that his face turned even more pale and his terrified scream even spread far away.
Seeing that his son was about to fly out, Mu Liren, who originally wanted to threaten Lu Zijia, immediately changed his words.
“I’m sorry.
I said something wrong just now.
No matter how my son is, I won’t keep you here, alright?”

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Of course, he wouldn’t keep her here this time, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t take revenge for his son in the future.

‘Mu Liren thought that he had already given in enough and was submissive enough, but Lu Zijia, who found the loophole in his words, still had no intention of letting Mu Jinfeng go.

“If it doesn’t matter how he is, then I must play enough.

“After all, your son promised me just then that he would make me happy.”

Lu Zijia deliberately twisted his meaning, which made him so furious that his body swayed and looked like he could collapse at any moment.

“You… You…”

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‘Mu Liren was so enraged that his chest heaved violently.
He reached out his hand and pounced at Lu Zijia abruptly, as if he wanted to strangle her to death.

However, Lu Zijia, who was originally sitting on the couch, suddenly flashed and appeared behind the couch.

Mu Liren couldn’t stop in time and he fell on the couch, knocking his forehead against the back of the couch.

Mu, why are you suddenly giving me such a huge bow? Even if you want to thank me for fulfilling your son’s wish of flying, you don’t have to be so grateful!”

Lu Zijia looked flattered, but then immediately put on a frustrated look.
“Alright, since you gave me such a huge bow, Mr.
Mu, I’ll let your son fly faster.”

“Argh!!! No, no, I don’t want to fly.
Father, help me! I don’t want to fly!”

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Feeling that the force pulling him was getting stronger, Mu Jinfeng screamed and asked his father for help constantly.
He didn’t know when tears and snots started flowing all over his face, making him look extremely miserable.
“Tick tack… Tick tack, tick tack…”

Suddenly, there was the sound of water dripping on the ground.
Looking carefully, Mu Jinfeng was so scared that he peed his pants!

At the same time, there was a quick knock on the door of the study and a worried male voice came from outside.

“Master Mu, did something happen?”

Hearing the voice outside the door, Mu Liren immediately shouted towards the door, as if he had finally found a savior, “Come in, come in quickly!”

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While shouting, he didn’t forget to get away from Lu Zijia quickly, as if he was afraid that Lu Zijia would hurt him.

However, unexpectedly, Lu Zijia didn’t do anything.

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After getting permission, the four Martial Artists outside the study immediately pushed the door open and entered.

“Quick, save my son, go save my son!”

Mu Liren didn’t have time to ask someone to catch Lu Zijia.
He directly asked them to save his son anxiously.

He was his only son..
If anything happened to him, he would have no descendants!

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