Chapter 460: Someone Wanted to Catch Master Lu


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“But when the investigation reached this point, I couldn’t find anything else.
I knew that it was very likely that the surveillance cameras were broken by someone, but I couldn’t find any evidence.”

Lu Zijia looked confused and asked, “Is Bai Xiao related to the Deputy Mayor?”


Chu Ming didn’t hide anything.
He directly told her his guess of the person who did it.
“Apart from the Deputy Mayor, no one else dares to be so bold in the capital.

“Bai Xiao is the nephew of the Deputy Mayor.

“So, I hope you can help me find evidence to prove that Bai Xiao killed someone.

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“Of course, the process of getting the evidence must be legal and not too extreme.”

In the end, Chu Ming reminded Lu Zijia, fearing that she would do something illegal.

Lu Zijia agreed very quickly.
As for what to do next, only she knew.

After leaving the Chu family, Lu Zijia came to the place where the car accident took place that Chu Ming talked about.

At the same time, as Lu Zijia expected, a spirit was standing on the wide road.

‘The young spirit in the dark didn’t know that Lu Zijia could see him.
At this moment, he still wanted to stop every passing car, hoping that someone among these people could help him bring the person who killed him to justice.
However, those cars passed right through him and he couldn’t be seen at all, so how could they help him?

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Lu Zijia was about to call the boy over when she suddenly sensed someone approaching her quickly and quietly.

She turned around and saw two men in black.

The two men in black, who were about to launch a sneak attack, didn’t expect her to suddenly turn around and they couldn’t help showing a look of shock on their faces.

But soon, the two of them calmed down and surrounded Lu Zijia on both sides.

Lu Zijia chuckled.
“Do you think you can stop me if I want to leave?”

The cultivation level of these two people was even lower than Mu Yunhao’s.
Mu Yunhao couldn’t even beat her when she was still at the first level of Qi practicing, let alone when she was at the peak of the second level of Qi practicing right now.

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One of the men in black snorted in disdain.
Apparently, he didn’t take Lu Zijia seriously at all.

The next second, he looked at another man in black and attacked Lu Zijia instantly.

‘The two men in black didn’t have any viciousness when they attacked, as if they didn’t want to kill Lu Zijia, but only wanted to capture her alive.

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However, before the two of them touched Lu Zijia, they felt a strong force rushing towards their faces.
Before they had a chance to react, the two of them had already been knocked away in an instant.
“Poof! Poof!”

The two black men spurted out a mouthful of blood in the air at the same time and fell to the ground, creating a cloud of dust.

“Poof! Poof!”

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The vital energy and blood in their bodies surged and the two men in black couldn’t help spurting out another mouthful of blood.

The two men in black only felt like all the bones in their bodies were shattered.
The severe pain all over their bodies made them wish they were dead and they couldn’t wait to knock themselves out.
“You… You…”

Seeing Lu Zijia walk towards them step by step from the corner of their eyes, the two men in black immediately showed shock and deep fear in their eyes, as if Lu Zijia was a devil that ate people.
“Tell me, who sent you to catch me?”

Lu Zijia stood in front of the two of them and looked down at them from above as she asked.

At the same time, she thought in her mind, “The Deputy Director’s brother wouldn’t be here so quickly, would he?”

However, something didn’t seem right.
The Deputy Director’s brother was an elder of the Maoshan Sect.
Even if they sent someone to catch her, they should send Taoist Masters, not Martial Artists..

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