Chapter 456: The Incident of the Chu Family (1)

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Luo Baode: “..” Couldn’t this d*mn girl be a bit dumb? Why did she have to be so smart?

“Hey! You wicked girl, I’m the Director.
If I say this is a supernatural incident, then it is a supernatural incident.

“Youre really disrespectful.
Go, go, go.
Go quickly.
I don’t want to see a wretched girl like you who doesn’t know how to respect her elders.”
Luo Baode, who couldn’t maintain his dignity, started using the trick of kicking people out in anger and embarrassment again.

Lu Zijia was speechless at the Director who kicked her out as soon as they disagreed with each other.

However, since the Director reminded her to be careful and rushed to save her, she would kindly forgive him.

Look how kind she was!

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Ina high-end community.
A middle-aged man in a suit rushed back to his home quickly with an anxious look.

“Honey, how’s our son?” As soon as he opened the door, Chu Ming couldn’t wait to ask.

Qiao Mengxuan, who was treating her son’s wounds in the living room, quickly replied after hearing her husband’s question, “His hands and legs are a bit injured.
I’ve already treated his wounds.
“Didnt I say that our son is fine? Why did you come back even when you’re so busy?”

Chu Ming walked over quickly.
After seeing his son with his own eyes, his tightened heart finally relaxed a bit.

“My son is in a car accident.
How can I not come back to see him?” Chu Ming sat on the other side of his son and raised his hand to caress his son’s lowered head.

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He immediately asked his wife, “You said our son was almost hit by a car before.
What happened?”

After receiving the call, he immediately stopped what he was doing and rushed home, so he still didn’t have the time to ask about the details.

Hearing what her husband said, Qiao Mengxuan couldn’t persuade her husband to go back to work anymore.

“The driver is on leave today.
After picking our son up from school, I planned to take a taxi home with him.

“And yet, when we were waiting for the car by the road, this silly boy suddenly ran to the road.
I was truly scared to death.

“Luckily, a kind girl reacted fast and pulled our son back in time, or he would have probably…”

Thinking of the dangerous scene back then, Qiao Mengxuan’s eyes immediately tuned red again and she still looked scared.

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Hearing what his wife said, Chu Ming was also scared and he couldn’t help feeling a bit angry at the same time.

“Kid, when did you become so bold? Are you tired of living?” Chu Ming grabbed his son’s hand and slapped him with a sullen face.

Chu Ziyi was only ten years old and he had already suffered a huge shock when he was almost hit by a car.
And now, he was scolded by his father, so the tears that he had been holding back finally burst out.
Seeing his son cry quietly with his head lowered, Chu Ming still made up his mind to teach him a lesson, even though he felt heartbroken.
He raised his hand to slap his son’s hand again.

“Tell me! Do you still dare to run around next time?”

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“Boohoo… I didn’t do it on purpose.
Dad, I didn’t do it on purpose.
I really didn’t do it on purpose.

Chu Ziyi, who had been lowering his head and remaining silent, finally looked up at his father and said as he cried.

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“Kid, I was almost freaked out because of you.
I haven’t even cried and you’re already crying.”

Seeing her son cry, Qiao Mengxuan, whose eyes were already red, couldn’t help but cry as well.

“Mom, I really didn’t do it on purpose.
Someone pushed me.
Someone pushed me.”

Seeing his mother cry, Chu Ziyi cried even harder and didn’t forget to tell the truth at the same time.

Chu Ming and Qiao Mengxuan immediately looked shocked after hearing that..

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